Naomi Sims: An external Glow

Do you recall Naomi Sims? Her beauty sparked on stage as she walked the runway. She is now selling beauty in a bottle at an affordable price, not only can women feel good about their clean skin, but so can men.


Beauty on the outside is mainly perceived through glowing and shining skin. However, skin is a very delicate organ that should constantly be maintained through natural products.

How can we tell if what we put on our skin will not destroy the pores?

It is not easy to grow confidence in a product unless we try it. If we start experimenting with various products we may destroy the pores forever. We could take advice from a friend and think that the product that worked for them could work for you; however it is not always the case.

This is simply due to the different types of skin one may have, which can range from oily to dry. Instead of wasting money on something and not knowing if it would work for you, try spending money with confidence.

Do you recall Naomi Sims? Her beauty sparked on stage as she walked the runway. She is now selling beauty in a bottle at an affordable price, not only can women feel good about their clean skin, but so can men.

Naomi Sims was the first African model and now she is the CEO of the Naomi Sims collection:  wigs, hair products, cosmetics and skin care line. The products were originally for African women, however they are now used by all women and men who want to attain a healthier external shine.

While, interviewing co-founder of Naomi Sims, Alexander Erwiah, he explained their aim to create a whole new phenomena for naturally glowing skin: “Naomi Sims high level of cosmetics started with skin care, then body products, cosmetic products and cream foundation… this line is unique,” explained Alexander. “When you put it on, it blends perfectly. It is very good for the skin,” he said.

As I gently rubbed some lotion on my arm, I instantly felt that my skin became  softer and smooth . It was not sticky and there was no noxious aroma that I had to bare.

I was not the only one to feel the difference after using the moisturizer; other clients of Naomi Sims include Janet Jackson and Tyra Banks.  As soon as the products began to evolve, “… white companies decided to do black products,” explained Alexander.

Eventually, Naomi Sims went international when Regire Ferrerr, a Parisian flew to New York to promote the products in Paris. Eventually, from Paris the products were introduced in London and Sicily.

The products are mainly sold in Elixir boutiques and online, the prices range between $10-$20. Alexander said, “We did a lot of advertising in stores…we would take people out of the crowd and show them how to use the product.” Naomi Sims experts would choose the color lipstick that would match the person’s complexion as well as a moisturizer that is needed to cleanse their face. “We would not give a product to a client if we think they do not need it…”

The basic products are, Cleansing Milk, Chamomile Soap and Primrose Rinsing Lotion, which are used in a three-step process to achieve a healthy and luxurious sensation. The process is repeated twice a day as the ingredients in the lotion soaks into the pores and actively cleanses during the day.

The cosmetic line blends in as well, to give a woman a glowing effect and reveal her natural beauty. The hair care line is also based on natural ingredients.

As Alexander said, “ None is better than Naomi Sims.”

He also said, “ The most famous skincare is not good enough for black skin but Naomi Sims created one good for black skin…”

After trying the product, I can with absolute confidence say that it is also good for white skin, however the complexion of one’s skin is not an issue. What is mainly emphasized in choosing a good product is the texture of one’s skin.

I also had the opportunity to speak to Soweto, who is a famous African singer and who also lauds Naomi Sims. “ The first time I met Alex, he told me he was the co-founder of Naomi Sims, I saw the products and it was a great idea,” said Soweto. He goes on to reveal that Alex helped launch his singing career, ” It was him that made my video and started my album called ‘Sarah,’ [which reached] #1 in Africa.”

Soweto’s songs include spiritual messages to listeners. He mentions how everything cannot only be physical but also spiritual, which is what he tries to convey not only to the listeners but also the consumers of the products.

He says, “I am flattered and honored to do advertisement for the Naomi Sims products.”

When Alexander was asked what inspires him as he comes up with the ingredients for Naomi Sims, he says, “natural beauty.”


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