Music: Krosfyah of Barbados Storms Brooklyn


Soca lovers were singing out loud, dancing and of course, “wining” their waists when Krosfyah of Barbados took to the stage last Thursday as part of the “Celebrate Brooklyn” series.

Lead vocalist Edwin Yearwood and vocalist Khiomal Nurse performed fan favorites including  “Body in Control,” “Sak Passe,” “Pump Me Up,” and “Nah Missing Me” at the Prospect Park Bandshell.

Plus Leadpipe & Saddis, brought more excitement to the show when they sang the very popular “Ah Feeling” amongst other selections.  This duo was the 2014 Road March Kings for their islands’ annual Crop Over Festival. Hypa Sounds also performed “Roll It” and “Dutty.” 

Approximately 5,500 people came out to hear Krosfyah who has played in England, Germany, Montreal and throughout the Caribbean.  Besides Yearwood and Nurse, the band consists of Guitarist Tony “Rebel” Bailey, Bass Player Felix Forde, Drummer Sherwin King and Keyboardists Trevaughn Cyrus and Micah Humphrey.  

WBLS radio personality Dahved Levy introduced all the musical guests and audience members were treated to a cultural dance performance by “Something Positive.” 

Before Krosfyah, came on stage, Yearwood and Nurse spoke exclusively to about participating in “Celebrate Brooklyn,” the secret to sustaining a music career that has lasted for 25 years and how they want the fans to feel after their concerts. Here are some highlights from the interview: [BSN]: Brooklyn has a large population from Barbados and the Caribbean, what is the best part about performing here?

Yearwood: The best part about performing in Brooklyn, especially these kind of shows is that we get a large cross section of West Indians and different cultures. Everybody comes out as one big happy family, you don’t see separation…So it always a wonderful thing. 

BSN: What was inspiration for this year’s Crop Over song titled “No Worries”?

Yearwood: There’s so much trouble going on in the world, we try to keep people as upbeat as possible, there has to be somewhere to go to escape from it.  So this song is basically saying ‘Soca music is your escape.’ Just forget everything and have no worries.

BSN: After 25 years of making music, do you have any worries? 

Khiomal Nurse: (Laughs) We’re just trying to push Soca music as far as we can push it; spreading love, joy and a positive message.

BSN: Your songs from 10, 15 years ago still has the crowds dancing today, what is your formula for success?

Yearwood: I don’t think it’s a formula. I don’t think it’s the actual method of making music. I think it’s our passion for music, our passion for Soca itself and the fact that we believe this genre deserves to be on the top. It’s just something that keeps us going. We have all the ingredients to continue for a long time and time has proven that.

BSN: After shows like tonight and other Krosfyah concerts, what do you want fans to take away? 

Yearwood: The one thing we always want our fans to take away is that smile. When you leave here, have a smile. There is nothing more we can ask for.

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