Museveni’s Violent Uganda Starting To Spiral Out of Control

manhunt for unknown persons who allegedly raided a police station 33km outside Kampala, shooting two policemen dead

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A joint security team in Luwero district Tuesday launched a manhunt for unknown persons who allegedly raided a police station 33km outside Kampala, shooting two policemen dead in the process while injuring another. The incident occurred at Busiika Police Station in Busiika town council in Luwero district at around 7.30 pm.

The deceased have been identified as Moses Wagaluka, the officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, and Alex Ongoro. Another policeman, Steven Ondama, also attached to Busiika Police Station, sustained injuries and was rushed to Bombo military hospital.

Monday, another joint security team arrested the overall commander for the so-called rebel group, Uganda Coalition Front for Change (UCFC).

“Our joint security task teams including the joint intelligence components that are carrying out counter operations aimed at dismantling activities of hostile elements in the country managed to arrest Frank Ssemwogerere David aka Ndugwa aka Colonel who is the overall commander of the Uganda Coalition Front for Change,” police spokesperson Fred Enanga said.

Ssemwogerere’s rap sheet has been spelled out as the government accuses him of masterminding UCFC’s several attacks in Wakiso, Mityana and Kiboga where security officers were killed and their guns robbed.

No mention whatsoever has been made about the assailants who killed at least 28 people in Masaka City and Lwengo District last year. Yet the two eruptions of violence are most certainly connected by their use of machetes and willingness to put Gen. Museveni’s junta to the sword.

This is worrying because either the conditions under the Museveni junta are incubating a host of incipient rebel groups or these groups are mere bogies formed by the Museveni junta as a false-flag operation against Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform.

As to the latter, a rash of insurgents have arisen to remind Ugandans that only the army can settle any restive security situation. Hence Bobi Wine (real name Robert Kyagulanyi) is not the right person to succeed Gen. Museveni when a military man, Gen. Muhoozi, is waiting in the wings, professionally ready to defend life and limb.

This is the power of Suggestion, which in psychology is the process by which a person guides another person’s desired thoughts, feelings, and behaviours by presenting stimuli (rebel activity) that may elicit them (our thoughts, feelings and behaviours) as reflexes instead of relying on conscious effort.

In brief, the suggestion of Gen. Muhoozi’s leadership is embedded in a growing security problem which will make the average citizen look to the junta for protection and therefore choose Gen. Muhoozi instead of Bobi Wine in the coming succession battle.

Also, this latest spate of violence maybe used as a means of purging the security forces of any internal dissent. After all, violence is a cleansing force, Gen. Museveni wrote in his university of Dar Es Salaam undergraduate dissertation.

He was aping Frantz Fanon’s theory on violence, particularly as outlined in his book: The Wretched of the Earth.

However, although Fanon believed violence would be a powerful instrument against colonialism and oppression, Gen. Museveni uses violence as an instrument against all those who oppose his oppressive rule. A rule that was founded in violence and has been preserved by the same.

This diabolical plan is further helped along by its location in Buganda. After being defeated in the central region by Bobi Wine, who is also from the central region, Gen. Museveni will be able to better terrorize the region and blame it on the rebels.

This is punitive as well as palliative to his rule in that its massages his bruised ego by exacting revenge on those people who rejected him outright at the last general elections.

All told, my biggest worry is that such violence will beget violence as Uganda sinks into a spiral of endless violence.

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