Mr. President: The Black Star News Endorses Bernie Sanders for 2016


Bernie Sanders

[Black Star News Editorial: Elections 2016]

It goes without saying, that the 2016 Presidential race is one of the wildest political rides since Bush v. Gore 2000 hung in the balance after election day for 36 days.

In fact, 2016 has demonstrated that type of intensity since it all began in the spring and summer of 2015. The most shocking and disturbing story is the rise of Donald Trump. Sometimes we need such phenomena so the world gets to know our sometimes-hidden stories.

What started as a one-man freak-show, became a clown car of over 20 GOP candidates at one point, scrambling around Iowa trying to out-whack job the others. But no one can out-whack job Donald Trump.
As 2015 turned to 2016, the Trump candidacy devolved into a full blown racist Hate-A-Palooka bandwagon not seen on such a prominent stage since the 1960s when Southern politicians opposed to integration and the civil rights gained prominence or since Germany during the bad old days.

But springtime for Trump in America is not a Mel Brooks satire. It’s real; and like ISIS’s hate-mongering in the Middle East, it is spreading like virus across America.

A Trump supporter just recently sucker-punched a Black protestor at a rally, and said next time he’d kill him, and was cheered on by other Trump-heads. Police on the scene instead of arresting the attacker jumped on the victim.

He recently initially refused to repudiate an endorsement from ex-Klan leader David Duke. He’s yet to apologize for the calumny against the Central Park 5 — who were then teenagers when falsely convicted of raping a White woman – for taking out full page newspaper advertisements calling for their execution.

This is what Trump means by making America “great again.”

The Democratic party has also gone through a metamorphosis; albeit a much quieter one.  

Just like Vermont Governor Howard Dean’s run for president in 2003 transformed the Democratic party into being totally against George W. Bush’s unilateral invasion of Iraq, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ run for president in 2016 has transformed the party against Wall Street’s excesses and corporate oligarchy.

That’s the primary reason why The Black Star News is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president in 2016

Sanders’ 2016 run has done more for progressive politics than George McGovern 1972, Edward Kennedy 1980, Jesse Jackson 1988, Jerry Brown 1992, Ralph Nader 1996, Howard Dean 2003 – and yes Barack Obama 2008- combined.

Even if Sanders ultimately loses to Hillary Clinton, Sanders has already won so much.

Sanders’ bellowing call for people-first over corporations, democracy-first over ruling class dictatorship has already altered the national political landscape forever. As Sanders had said himself after Super Tuesday: ” This campaign is about more than just electing a president, it is about transforming America.”  

It has been a quieter revolution, but it has been a revolution.

Impact wise it would be as if William Lloyd Garrison or Frederick Douglass had been able to run against Abraham Lincoln in 1860, almost toppling the GOP power structure.

At The Black Star News, we can’t think of a better candidate to run against Trump then Bernie Sanders as polls give him a larger margin of victory compared to a match-up between Clinton and the flame-thrower.

As Vanity Fair reported in 1990, Trump keeps a collection of Hitler’s speeches – translated into English- by his bedside.

It was no coincidence that Sanders chose April 30, 2015 to announce his run for president. It was 60 years to the day that Hitler put gun to his head and blew his brains out.

How just would It be for Sanders, who lost family members in Hitler’s holocaust to take down Trump in November.


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