Mount Vernon Provides Update on Police Corruption, Misconduct Investigation

City of Mount Vernon is providing an update on the status of its internal investigations around allegations of corruption and po

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The City of Mount Vernon is providing an update on the status of its internal investigations around allegations of corruption and police misconduct within the Mount Vernon Police Department (MVPD).

The investigations commenced in July 2020, when MVPD requested audio tapes from Officer Murshea Bovell that alleged wrongdoing in the Narcotics squad of the department. These tapes were sent to Westchester County District Attorney’s office in February 2019 and shared with local media.

In August 2020, at the direction of Commissioner Glenn Scott, the MVPD transcribed the tapes began its internal investigation. After careful review, the Mount Vernon Police Department has cleared Sgt. Sean Fegan of all charges of misconduct. The Department has suspended Officer John Campo, pending further investigation.

The investigation into Detective Antonini is still ongoing.

As an extension of the administration’s efforts around police reform, William O. Wagstaff IIIesq., a civil rights attorney, will serve as a special prosecutor for further investigations into officers John Campo and Ryan Hughes.The administration is coordinating efforts with the Westchester District Attorney’s office to investigatethe allegations against Detective Antonini.

Since January 2020, the City of Mount Vernon has instituted numerous reforms to align with modern policing and a community-centered approach to public safety. Commissioner Glenn Scott disbanded the narcotics unit in March 2020 and has embraced novel approaches to discovery and criminal justice reform.

“It has been a difficult year,” said Mayor Patterson-Howard. “It’s been a year of challenge, learning, and growth and we are committed to working with the PBA, law enforcement partners, and the community to improve communication, transparency, and trust. We are excited about the work of the Police Reform commission and look forward to implementing our CCRB and enhancing the community’s understanding of procedural justice. We continue to take steps towards chartering a new future inpolicing for Mount Vernon.”

MVPD Commissioner Scott said, “Since day one, I’ve been committed to changing the culture and direction of this department. We have embraced reform, eliminated outdated policies, and instituted new procedures that emphasize transparency and accountability. The department has acknowledged the lack of trust expressed by the alleged victims of misconduct and has forwarded the investigation to the Westchester County DA so that it may conduct an independent review. Our department remains committed to doing good police work and protecting and serving this community.”

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