More than 7,000 Ugandans “Disappeared” by Gen. Museveni’s Totalitarian Regime

Dictator Museveni

Aged dictator more ruthless in waning years. Photo: Facebook

Idi Amin-style disappearances, torture, and killings have resumed in dictator Yoweri Museveni’s Uganda, having escalated before and after the Jan. 14 rigged presidential election.
The disappearances and killings have turned into a daily meal for Gen. Museveni’s security agencies and his family sponsored militias.
Photos of victims are daily posted on social media, including of people whose bodies have been dumped on open fields, Amin-style.
The kidnappers who are state operatives, from the police, military, and militias, have principally targeted the National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters. Their leader member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a. Bobi Wine, is the presumptive winner of the Jan. 14 presidential election. He’s rejected the official results by Gen. Museveni’s hand-picked Electoral Commission (EC) awarded the dictator 59% of the vote and 35% to Bobi Wine. More than 600 supporters of Bobi Wine are reportedly missing. Additionally, a police source informs this author that as many as 7,000 people are missing.
This current round of killing spree erupted on Nov. 18 during the campaign period when more than 100 unarmed civilians were shot to death by the military—the government readily admitted to 54 deaths. The civilians had been protesting the arrest of Bobi Wine by the military in the midst of his campaign. The country’s security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine famously issued a “shoot to kill” order. “Police have a right to shoot you and kill you,” he said. “Can I repeat? Police have a right to shoot you and you die for nothing–do it at your own risk.”  See
He’s one of the officers mentioned in a complaint filed by Bobi Wine’s lawyers with the International Criminal Court (ICC).
The stories are horrific. Take the case of 22-year-old Ronald Ssegawa of Bishop Mukwaya Zone, Bwayise, Kawempe Division, a suburb of Kampala. He was dumped in a sack at a mortuary by the state operatives who kidnapped him on December 20, 2020. At that time, his family had reached out to this reporter. The operatives dumped what they imagined was a corpse at the morgue. Ssegawa had been subjected to electric shock, burnt, and his nails on both feet removed with pliers. His relatives had left a photograph of the victim at the morgue, fearing the worst. When the mortuary attendants checked the body, they got the shock of their lives when Ssegawa regained consciousness and started moving. He’s now recovering in a hospital in Kampala.
When contacted by this reporter about Ssegawa’s case, a police spokesman, Patrick Onyango said, “We are going to look at the CCTV cameras, which will help our investigations to establish the identities of the perpetrators.” This is the standard comment. Police don’t have the powers to arrest any member of Museveni’s killer squads. Some of them are from the notorious Special Forces Command (SFC), Uganda’s parallel army which is better equipped than the regular military and commanded by Museveni’s son Gen. Muhoozi Kaenerugaba.
This reporter has interviewed the relatives of many missing Ugandans.
Umar Kyazze, then 43, has been missing since December 2018, leaving behind two wives. His siblings, Latibu Matovu, Majid Bakisuula, Fatuma Sittankya, and Rehema Nakalyowa are all in hiding. All are paying for the “sin” of Umar having been a Bobi Wine supporter.
Abraham Mubiru, a 40-year-old former resident of Gayaza Wakiso District have been missing since August 2019. He was the family’s sole bread earner.
His clothes—but not body—was discovered with a pile of bodies dumped in the mortuary. “We have reached all gazetted prisons but no one is willing to engage us,” his wife, Rehma Kauma, said in a tearful interview. She’s taking care of the couple’s 10-year-old daughter.
Another kidnap-and-torture victim who later regained consciousness in a mortuary is Justine  Ssekandi. Her grave “sin” was having composed a song that challenged the authorities. Gen. Museveni has lost his mind.
Here’s a list of kidnap victims whose families contacted this reporter last year before the Nov. 18 protest and massacre. This reporter contacted both the spokespersons for the police and the military and received no response:

1. Mukiibi Henry, a 32-year-old, male, formerly a social worker, who was a resident of Namugoona in Wakiso District.
2. Tushabe Jabel, a 32 -year-old, male, an accountant resident of lower Nsooba Kawempe Division Wakiso District.
3. Kateregga Saddam, a 24 -year-old, male, a cleaner resident  of Nansana Wakiso District.
4. Tindebwa James, a 20-year-old, male, a waiter and a resident of Mulago Wakiso District.
5. Kateregga Saddam, a 24 -year-old, male, a cleaner resident  of Nansana Wakiso District.
6. Tindebwa James, a 20-year-old, male, a waiter and a resident of Mulago Wakiso District.
7. Oketch Jowel Edward, male a resident of Kyengera wakiso District.
8. Ssenyonga Ronald, a 19-year-old, male, formerly a resident of Nansana, Wakiso District.
9.  Kifuba Tevin, a 19-year-old, male, a resident of Nansana Wakiso district.
10. Walugembe Ashraf, a 19-year- old, male by tribe Resident of Nankulabye Kampala District.
11. Shemema Rodney, 19years old munyalwanda by tribe resident of Katabi Entebbe municipality Wakiso Distict.
12. Muyomba Ntege Yamaha, 19-year-old, a resident of Seeta Mukono District.
13. Kugonza Kevin, 19-year-old, a resident of Lukadde kawempe Division Wakiso District.
14. Lubega Ivan, 18-year-old, student and resident of Nabweru Wakiso District.
15. Kawooya Ivan, 19-year-old, self employed and  resident of Bulenga Wakiso District.
16.Mayanja Jackson, 18 years old a student resident of Kiiza zone kawempe Division kampala Distict.
17. Muhereza Mark, 21-year-old, Male, a resident of Kiganda Zone Lubaga Division Kampala District.
18. Tumuhimbise Dalausi, 20- year- old, a resident of Nankulabye Kampala District.
19. Iga Karl, 20-year-old, formerly resident of Katabi Entebbe municipality Wakiso District.
20. Juuko Roy, 23-year-old, formerly working as clinic attendant resident of Nkokonjeru Kyengera Town Council Wakiso District.
21. Kibalama Adrew, 19-year-old, a business man and resident of Kyengera, town council, Wakiso District. 

Many of Bobi Wine’s associates and supporters also remain falsely imprisoned or missing and they include:

1. Ali Bukeni, a.k.a. Nubian Li, 36, resident of Kisasi, Nakawa Division, Kampala District, one of Bobi Wine’s right hand men and fellow musician.
2. Eddy Ssebuufu, commonly known  as Eddie Mutwe, 39, resident of Lugoba Zone, Kawempe Division Kampala District, Wine’s personal bodyguard. 
3. Richard Kalema, a Freelance journalists was among kidnapped by Gen. Museveni’s militias.
4. Doreen Nalumansi, kidnapped while live-streaming Wine’s arrest from Kalangala district, an Island on Lake Victoria. Her “criminal” case charge is No. UPDF/GCM/001/2021.
5. Rachael Akiki Tusiime, 23-year-old. An accountant and resident of Magere LC I, Wakiso District subject to Military Law.
6. Nansove Saphinah, 22, hotel attendant, of Kawempe Division Kampala District. 
7. Namawejje Jamira Kalyango, 25, a business woman, Kawempe Division-Kampala District. 
8. Hassan Ssemakula a.k.a. Abdu Soldier, 25, resident of Makindye Division, Kampala District. 
9. Kenny Kyalimpa, 18, mechanic, resident of Nabweru, Wakiso District.
10. Robinson Ntambi Mudde, 37, businessman, resident of Wandegeya, Kampala District. 
11. Lukeman Mwijukye a.k.a. Kampala, 20, journalist, resident of Makerere Zone, Kampala District. 
12. William Nyanzi a.k.a. Mbogo, 28, businessman,  resident of Makerere Zone, Kampala District. 
13. John Miiro, 20, businessman, resident of Nansana in Wakiso District.
14. Muhamad Nsubuga a.k.a. Eddoboozi, 20, resident of Makerere Kavule, Kawempe Division, Kampala District. 
15. William Ntegge a.k.a. Kyuma Kya Yesu, 43, resident of Kipamba Zone, Makindye Division, Kampala District. 
16. Adam Matovu, 30, an electrician resident of Namungoona, Lubaga Division, Kampala District. 
17. Shakira Namboozo a.k.a. Suki, 24, businesswoman, resident of Kawempe LCI, Kampala District. 
18. Anthony Agaba a.k.a. Bobi Young, 27, resident of Kiganda Zone, Kireka Kira Municipality, Wakiso District. 
19. Robert Kivumbi a.k.a. Mighty Family, 27, resident of Kyanja, Komamboga in Wakiso District. 
20. Bonny Obicho a.k.a. Makanika, 25, resident of Lubaga South Division, Kampala District. 
21. Samson Ssekiranda a.k.a. Giant, 25, resident of Kigoowa Zone, Nakawa Division-Kampala District. 
22. Sharif Najja a.k.a. Don Sharif, 27, a lawyer and resident Kalerwe in Kampala District. 
23. Brian Ssemanda a.k.a. Dictator Museveni Must Go, 30, resident of Nabugabo- Kampala Central. 
24. Robert Katumba, 27, resident of Kalerwe, Kawempe Division,  Kampala District. 
25. Fatumah Namubiru, 20, businesswoman,  resident of Nabutale A, Kawempe Division, Kampala District. 
26. Joy Namuyimba a.k.a. Joy Strong, 25, nurse, resident of Magero Kito in Wakiso District. 
27. Monica Twashemerirwe a k a Monics, 26, businesswoman, resident of Kiteezi Village,  Wakiso District. 
28. Oliver Lutaaya, 26, businesswoman, resident of Bukasa Village, Makindye,  Kampala District. 
29. Charles Mpanga, 40-year-old, journalist, resident of Kasubi Zone, Lubaga Division, Kampala District. 
30. Geoffrey Mutalya, 26-year-old, freelance journalist,  resident of Mutungo Zone A, Nakawa Division Kampala District. 
31. Geserwa Kyabagu a.k.a. Pympah, 30-year-old, videographer, a resident of Kamwokya, Wakiso District.
32. Benedict Musisi, 29-year-old, doctor and a resident of Kawempe North, Kampala District. 
33. Baker Kalyango, 27-year-old, DJ, a resident of Kyengera in Wakiso District. 
34. Daniel Oyerwot a.k.a. Dan Magic, 27, a music producer and resident of Ntinda Kigowa, Nakawa Division, Kampala District. 
35. Hussein Mukasa a.k.a. Oshea, 22-year-old,  resident of Kamwokya Central, Kampala District. 
36. John Bosco Sunday a.k.a. JB, 31, businessman, a resident of Mengo Lubaga Division, Kampala District. 
37. Isma Muganga a.k.a. Jaja Isma, 30-year-old, driver and resident Nakawa Division,  Kampala District. 
38. Fahad Tamale, 28, businessman, resident of Kitemu, Wakiso District. 
39. Bashir Murusha, 30, businessman and resident of Kibuli, Makindye Division, Kampala District. 
40. All had been charged with fictitious Unlawful possession of ammunition c/a 3 (1) and (2) (a) of Firearms Act Cap 299.
41. Faisal Kigongo a.k.a. Ras Fazo
42. Musa Mulimira
43. Nelson Ndyasiima
44. Sam Mutumba a.k.a. Papa Sam
45. Richard Kalema a.k.a. Ricardo.
46. Alex Karamagi a.k.a. Dog City.

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