The Right Choice: Obama

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Numerous polls have continued to fool Americans that Barack Obama is not Presidential material. Yet in the August 7 Presidential debate he delivered a clear knockout blow--including to the confused media favorite, Hillary Clinton.

On a scale of 1-10, to me, Obama scored 9.7.


To the average American, the polls are confusing because ordinary people are never asked questions during the preparation of these "polls." Yet once the so-called poll results are released the pollsters' favorite candidate is the "winner."

Many Americans don't realize that the very companies that organize these polls are affiliated with the corporations that sponsor candidates like Hillary Clinton and George Bush. These corporate sponsors want Clinton to win so the companies can continue with their abusive and inhuman health care policies, labor laws and even housing systems that favor the real estate companies leaving millions of Americans homeless.


For those who may not know, Obama, Clinton and John Edwards are all lawyers with excellent skills. But when they are put to debate, you can tell which lawyer you would hire to defend you. In the last debate, Senator Obama proved to be reliable, honest and brave; he understands the political quagmire Bush has led the country into, as well as the needs of the average American today.


Every time the candidates were asked questions, Clinton always gave an awkward, long and confusing response, ending up sounding like a kindergarten teacher trying to put toddlers to sleep instead of telling them what the real problem is.

She ried, as much as possible, to avoid the real question and at the end of every response, she would raise up her voice like a cheerleader even if she knew she had nothing sensible to say.


Since the start of the Democratic debates, Obama and Edwards have been the only candidates that seem to feel and express the needs of American people. Like her husband, Senator Clinton has on the otherhand continued to be a cheerleader, full of pretense, singing hope; yet what she embodies is a continuation of screwing up Americans until they can't be screwed anymore. Basically, she represents the interests of those that sponsor her and especially, those writing the big checks--corporate giants and their lobbyists.


To prove that Clinton is a fake and will never represent the interest of Americans, look at her political history. Once she arrived at the White House with Bill, she started to feel some self-confidence in herself and realized a political dream. In fact before meeting Clinton and most of her life, she had been a political nomad, wandering from one party to the other other, not knowing what she wanted in life. She started out a confused Republican cheerleader in college and later she became a Democrat. 

Sticking to this tendency--and this is a point that Obama keeps mentioning-- Clinton, voted for the war in Iraq as senator and later turned around and called for condemnation of the same war. What a two-mouthed approach. Ever the opportunist, instead of contesting for the Senate seat in Arkansas, she ran for a seat in New York State. She will do anything to get what she wants.


Obama proved the most focused candidate during the debate; he reiterated his position on terror, the issue Americans most worry about today. Obama explained that he supported Pakistan as an ally in fighting terror. But he also came clear and said he will be cautious with Pakistan and act swiftly if it happens that terror boss Osama Bin Laden and other senior terrorists leaders are believed to be in Pakistan. Obama said he would not wait but act by bombing the hiding places of the terrorists without hesitation if he knew they were hiding in Pakistani borders. This is what a president needs to do and this is what Bill Clinton failed to do when he knew Osama Bin Laden's hideout and failed to bomb it. Here, Obama proved to Americans that he will be a good Commander-in-Chief.

Sadly, Clinton like her husband Bill, responded that she would not act unilaterally. What a lame duck response!


On immigration, it was again Obama that came out winning. Obama said he supports a responsible immigration policy in which every one does the right thing to get into this country. In other others words, he opposes illegal immigrants jumping the borders as is now the case at the Mexican border. He also said he would encourage people from other countries coming into the US as long as they followed the legal procedure towards citizenship. This is the view that most Americans and even the Republicans hold.


But if immigrants don't follow procedure, they should be sent back where they came from.


Clinton is not be the best candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidential election; look no further than the history of her husband. Bill Clinton was loved by many Americans to the extent that the average American even felt that he was the answer to all the woese, even when he did not solve many major problems. The many international problems facing America today can be traced to inactions, or actions, of the Bill Clinton Administration.


Take Africa for example. Bill Clinton sat with arms folded as genocide occurred in Rwanda and other parts of the continent. The same Clinton Administration funded and provided arms to warlords as well as "rebels" and governments in countries like Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Nigeria and Burundi.

When all these places got messed up, he blamed it on "bad leadership" in Africa. Honestly, we should blame many of the failings of these countries to the poor policies of Bill Clinton, who, undoubtedly, is Senator Clinton's chief advisor.


For America to have new and bold leadership, an Obama-Edwards campaign ticket would the best choice. Hillary Clinton would take America back to the bad old days of the 1990s. America wants to move forward.

Even Republicans would vote for an Obama-Edwards ticket.


Black Star News contributor Okema Otika lives in Pennsylvania, USA. He maybe reached via email at [email protected] 

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