Ferraro-Clintons Axis Of Racism

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[Black Star News Editorial]

Weeks before Pennsylvania’s April 22 elections, the Clinton acolytes are back at it again, throwing racial bombs, hoping to drive white votes away from Senator Barack Obama.
Clinton acolyte, former congresswoman and failed VP candidate Geraldine A. Ferraro last week declared to The Daily Breeze, a newspaper in Torrance, California, “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.”

Senator Clinton, when asked, had a cavalier response, including the remarks that she does not “agree with that.” Not surprisingly, she has not vigorously "denounced" or "rejected" Ferraro, although she was adamant that Obama repudiate Louis Farrakhan for unsolicited support. At every instance during this campaign, the Clinton team has been first at initiating racial confrontation.

Anyone who still thinks the Clintons had some special "fondness" for African Americans need to get their head examined.

Presumably, Ferraro was referring to the fact that Obama has scored almost 14 million total votes since January, exceeded her boss Clinton by more than 600,000 popular votes, won twice as many states and extended his total delegates lead by nearly 150.

Geraldine Ferraro, knows the pain that can be caused by volatile baseless attacks; her family endured rumors of ties to the Mafia years ago. Her own remarks, possibly sanctioned by the Clintons, given the history of the manner in which they’ve conducted this campaign, is aimed at shifting the focus from the issues.

In fact, one could make a more credible argument that if Hillary Clinton was not a white woman who had been married to former president Bill Clinton she “would not be in this position” and if Clinton was a man “of any color” she certainly would not be in this position.

In her remarks to the newspaper, Ferraro added, referring to Obama, “And if he was a woman of any color, he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

Well let’s review this wise elder lady of the Democratic party’s comments:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.”

Senator Obama opposed the Iraq war and outlined the negative consequences –economic as well as generating global hostility against the U.S.--  as early as 2002 because he has vision; Obama has outlined his universal healthcare plan that, unlike Clinton’s, does not include government mandates; Obama has outlined a robust foreign policy that combines diplomacy backed by the ability to act with precision strikes against terror leaders, which policy even the Bush administration has adopted as demonstrated with a recent strike against a terror chief in Afghanistan; Obama has proposed generating millions of jobs by creating “green friendly” industries that would also reduce global warming; Obama has energized millions of young voters by promising college tuition grants that would be repaid by working on various productive projects; and, most importantly, Obama has vowed to move the country away from the politics of character assassination, constant bickering and gridlock that has paralyzed Washington ever since the latter years of the Bill Clinton administration.

Yet Clinton acolyte Ferraro –and it's hard to believe Ferraro did not consult Hillary Clinton in advance— maintains that Obama would “not be in this position” ahead of Senator Clinton “if he was a white man” or “if he was a woman of any color….”

In other words, the millions of voters don’t care about his position or vision; they are somehow seduced by his black skin. Senator Obama has correctly referred to Ferraro’s assertions as “absurd.”

They are beyond absurd. Bitter, tasteless, vindictive and perhaps even deranged, especially when it’s clear that Ferraro has a track record of making such volatile remarks.

Recall that 20 years ago, upset at Jesse Jackson’s remarkable success in the primaries, Ferraro declared: "If Jesse Jackson were not black, he wouldn't be in the race," she said.

Rev, Jackson, regardless of his many shortcomings is an intelligent man. A review of speeches that have been made by Jackson and Ferraro would show that he is much smarter than Ferraro is.

Clearly, there is something about intelligent Black men, who don’t do the step-in fetch-it shuffle that bothers Ferraro, and by extension perhaps, her friend Clinton, whose campaign has clearly employed race-baiting and religious bigotry strategies all along.

So now comes Senator Obama, who is clearly many, many, many more times smarter than Ferraro, and has proven it by his performance in these elections. Voters have also preferred Obama over Clinton; the majority of these voters have been white voters. Yet, Ferraro, and the Clintons –remember the fairy tale remark?” – would have us believe there are so many deluded voters out there.

We know this country has come a very long way with respect to race matters –much to the chagrin of Ferraro it appears—but we doubt that there will ever come a time when voters will vote for a Black man simply because of his skin color. That would be wrong.

We know that Ferraro still nurses wounds from her political defeats of decades ago. Sometimes in life it's hard to accept that other people are smarter and have a broader vision than us; but life goes on.

Voters who care about Obama’s message of unity and an end of the old-style politics characterized by bitter “fighting,” which Clinton prefers and talks about all the time, have a choice of doing the right thing.

Continue to reject the Bill Clinton-Bill Shaheen-Bob Kerrey-Bob Johnson-Geraldine Ferraro-Hillary Clinton axis of racism.

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