MomsRising Organization Denounces Chicago Police Abuse of Anjanette Young

The video released this week of Chicago police officers raiding the home of Anjanette Young for absolutely no reason

Photo: YouTube

The leaders of MomsRising, the online and on-the-ground organization of more than one million mothers and their families, released the following statements on the Chicago Police Department’s baseless, abusive raid of Anjanette Young in her own home:

“The video released this week of Chicago police officers raiding the home of Anjanette Young for absolutely no reason, then casually telling her to relax as she stood naked, terrified and terrorized was horrific and haunting. Police ignored her cries and refused to provide answers about why they burst so violently into her home.

“They initially refused even to show her paperwork to explain why they were there. They ignored Young, as if she was insignificant and unworthy of a response, when she said over and over that ‘this can’t be right.’

“Without question, Anjanette Young was right, and the Chicago Police were wrong.

“It is wrong when Black women like Anjanette Young, Atatiana Jefferson, and Breonna Taylor are not safe in their homes, when those charged with protecting us take away our safety, our sense of security, and in Taylor’s case, our lives. The city’s legal department compounded the harm by trying to hide the police’s lawless actions and prevent Young from sharing it. Cover-ups must never be permitted. Every human rights violation must be exposed.

“The Chicago Police Department’s disturbing pattern of baseless raids of Black and Latino residents must end. The culture and the actions of the Chicago Police Department are intolerable and must change.” -Statement of Beatriz Beckford, National Director, Youth and Education Justice, MomsRising

“The days when institutions like the Chicago Police Department – or any police department – can act with impunity and violate the rights of Black and Brown women must end. The Police Department must be held accountable.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe at home. Breonna Taylor was not an anomaly. What happened to Anjanette Young shows that too often, Black women are not safe in their own homes. This must change.

“America’s moms want to see a total reimagining of public safety, a complete overhaul of our criminal legal systems—and in the meantime: police practices reformed, violators held accountable, and all our leaders prioritizing the creation of safe, healthy communities.” -Statement of Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, Executive Director and CEO, MomsRising

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