Mom Of Teen Killed By LA Cop Says “Heart Has Been Ripped Out”

Valentina Orellana Perealta was killed when an LAPD officer

Photo: GoFundMe

LOS ANGELES – Valentina Orellana Perealta was killed when an LAPD officer decided to fire shots inside a Burlington Factory store.

Soledad Peralta and her daughter were trying on dresses for Christmas in a Burlington store Thursday when they heard screams. Her daughter, Valentina Orellana-Peralta, 14, locked the doors to the dressing room. They hit the floor, hugged one another tightly, closed their eyes and prayed.

Moments later, three pops sounded, and Valentina started convulsing.

“I tried to wake her up by shaking her, but she didn’t wake up,” Peralta said in a statement read by one of her attorneys as others behind her held up large photos of the teen.

A Los Angeles police officer had fired on a man seen on video beating a woman with a metal bike lock. One of the bullets pierced a wall behind the suspect and hit the teen – who had been in the USA for only six months and dreamed of becoming an American citizen and engineer.

She died in her mother’s arms.

Peralta said she screamed but help didn’t immediately arrive. Police eventually pulled her from the dressing room, she said. Her daughter’s body remained on the ground, limp. Read more.

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