MLB & NFL: Nuthin is Won in August


As the extra innings made the turn into the next day…the energy in the crowd was palpable.  The wee early hours may as well have been high noon!  In the end the Red Sox prevailed over their division rivals, the New York Yankees.  All sports have respective teams with the “It” necessary to elevate the entire league.  Safe to say, baseball is so much better when these two teams are performing well.  And when one has the advantage of using a series to distance themselves with a much coveted sweep….wow, just wow!  Such jubilation ensued in Boston it made me check my calendar.  It was late but not THAT late.  Alas, it is August and championships are not hoisted during these dog days of summer.  

The date does allow for a few things to be surmised—first, teams well out of postseason contention have plenty of tickets available for the remaining home games.  I’ll be headed to Camden Yards….the silver lining of a disappointing season are decent seats at reasonable prices & much shorter lines for an ice cold whatever your heart desires!    Second, a bit of time remains for working out the kinks needed to make a run or digging in and fighting complacency—depending on where you fall in the division.  Teams that were in the conversation at the end of July are still in the conversation! 

Same can he be said for the NFL.  All of the entrances, extravagant and otherwise, to training camps were made several weeks ago.  Predictions are being made, who is better at a particular position discussions are officially a thing & preseason games are taking place.  Alas, aside from names etched on rosters, nothing is won in August.  That includes you, Philly fans! 

Can’t say I’m mad at them though….after all, champions are champions til they are champions no more!!  Holding the trophy entitles the fan base to several more months of celebrating…and trash talking.  Considering Philly has reigned supreme in the latter having never one an actual Lombardi…record shattering rowdiness should be expected throughout 2018-2019.

Of course…when Super Bowl Sunday, February 4th begins to slide over to February 5th, the fans of the last team standing will boldly proclaim how they knew all along their team was destined for this moment…even as far back as August!

While nothing is won, the same can not be said for losses.      An owner that insists on being the focal point on an non-issue that was fabricated out of refusal to address a real issue coupled with young stars…who I’d like to believe are simply terribly uninformed….makes it easy to walk away from a neutral outlook on their upcoming performances.  For the early August record….It is my hope that the Dallas Cowboys have a win-loss column reminiscent of Hall of Famer Troy Aikman’s rookie season!!

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