MLB & NBA: Doing Too Much or Too Little?


More than one hundred days in and suffice it to say the candidate who said so much has yet to follow it up with actually doing those things as president.  He’s not by himself though and it is simply SAD!

Amongst those doing too little…MLB in its suspensions of pitchers.  Immediately coming to mind is the four game version received by Matt Barnes of the Boston Red Sox for throwing at the head of Orioles third baseman Manny Machado.  Until pitchers are suspended for starts their absence will not be of any significance.  For non-baseball aficionados, pitchers play in rotation versus every game….essentially the equivalent of the 8th man on a basketball team missing four games. 

Too little:  All professional sports leagues for not punishing with more severity, unruly fans who go beyond the pale by shouting racial slurs and throwing objects.  Last time I checked, the latter is assault and should be addressed accordingly.  And the ignorance of racial slurs should not be tolerated on any level.  One thing for certain about cowards, they never fail to be cowardly.  The first coward to face repercussions in the form of a criminal charge and/or lifetime ban from a sporting venue….will signal to the rest of the cowards that their brand of ignorance is not welcomed in shared places!

Thus far….the Spurs, Raptors and Capitals all deserve a Too Little honorable mention. Even the best two-way player in the game, Kawhi Leonard needs help….or else, San Antonio will find itself morphing into a version of that other I-35 team, OKC Thunder.  People may lie but numbers do not…enough of playing like you’re surprised to be in the playoffs, Toronto!  A 1-12 record in the first game of a series?  Stop It!  Same for the Caps….all the chores have been done to get permission for the weekend’s party only for you to get there and wonder if it is the right party.  Yes, it is!  And you were invited…for a reason!

Perhaps our 45th president will find that median of doing much more but not too much a la Madison Bumgarner.  San Fran’s phenom pitcher apparently wasn’t satisfied with being at the top of his trade and aimed for top of the dirt bike industry.  Now that a riding related injury has benched him…pun intended….for no less than six weeks, Madison would probably be the first to admit he was doing far too much!

Falling into both the doing far too much and unapologetic like #45 categories is none other than LaVar Ball.  Over the course of the season, the far from soft spoken father of NBA prospect Lonzo Ball had managed to climb to the top of the headlines…with all of the finesse of a bull in a china shop!  Thing is though….when you talk often with the sole purpose of being heard over the next guy or gal…you can quickly become background noise.  As such, those you want to hear you most can opt to tune you out altogether.  And when “those” are apparel company execs with mega endorsements at the ready….the deafening silence can be costly!

Therein lies the lesson…if you aren’t doing enough, do more….if you are doing far too much, pull back. In yoga, we call it—balance…namaste!! 

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