Michael Brown Shooting: Curfew Won’t Do It — Fire Police Chief Jackson And Arrest Darren Wilson


Police chief Jackson — the most dangerous man in Ferguson today

[Publisher’s Commentary]

Why hasn’t Darren Wilson, the Ferguson officer who witnesses say shot multiple-times and killed an unarmed Black teenager who had his hands up been arrested yet?

Governor Jay Nixon and the authorities are deluded if they think  it’s enough to merely appoint an African American Highway Patrol Captain, Ron Johnson, to be the figurehead person over the security in the streets.

It’s demeaning to the intelligence of Ferguson’s Black citizens to think that move in itself would be enough and says a lot about Nixon as well.

The issue is about justice for Brown who, by three witnesses account, was summarily executed by Officer Darren Wilson.

While Captain Johnson initially provided a calming influence and seems to be still widely respected, the reactionary forces represented by Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson worked furiously to undermine Johnson’s authority.

Chief Jackson commands a police force of 53 officers; only three of those officers are Black. It’s a shame that it took the death of Michael Brown for this apartheid arrangement to be exposed.

So it  did not seem to sit well with police chief Jackson that Governor Nixon had appointed Johnson, an African American to be in command of forces protecting the streets, the citizens, and the properties in Ferguson. Jackson likely has never ever been in a lower command position than an African American officer.

When he released a video that he claimed showed Michael Brown’s involvement in an alleged theft of cigars from a convenience story, at the same time that he finally disclosed the name of the officer who killed Brown, police chief Jackson wanted to turn the story upside-down;  from the apparent cold-blooded murder of an unarmed Black teenager by one of his White police officers into a story about the specter of “predicate” Black male criminality.

The lurking dark dangerous sinister figure who always presents a threat to White society and can strike at any given moment.

This says a lot about chief Jackson — he knows the degree of bigotry that exists in society.

Jackson of course recalls what happened after Trayvon Martin was killed in cold-blood in Florida by a reckless dangerous gunman named George ZImmerman –as his subsequent actions after his acquittal have proven. There was an immediate and effective campaign to demonize Trayvon Martin and to “criminalize” him.

That strategy worked and Zimmerman is out on the streets somewhere.

Chief Jackson now wants to do the same character assassination on Michael Brown; to distract from the troubling facts of the unjustifiable shooting itself.

Jackson exposed his intentions when he conceded that officer Darren WIlson had no knowledge whatsoever that Brown had been allegedly involved in theft of cigars when he encountered him.

It’s of course sickening that chief Jackson would even imply that alleged theft of cigars is justification to shoot down a teenager who was fleeing for his life having already ben shot at pointblank range.

But Jackson knows the mindset he’s appealing to.

At the same time, chief Jackson was also perhaps showing his defiance.  That he won’t accept being superseded in command by a Black Highway Patrol captain even though Captain Johnson commands a force of 300, which dwarfs Ferguson’s 53 person police force.

Now Governor Nixon has declared a State of Emergency from midnight to 5AM, hoping this is the best way to control the streets of Ferguson.

There are two things that will be much more effective in calming the streets and proving that justice and tranquility are the paramount objectives of the authorities in Ferguson.

The first is the arrest of Officer Darren Wilson who is still better off because unlike Michael Brown he gets a day in court.

The second is the dismissal of police chief Jackson or his re-assignment to duties elsewhere away from Ferguson.




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