Miami’s Beautiful Candice

“I’m young, exciting, full of life, and have a killer runway walk,� she tells The Black Star.

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Where She’s From:
Candice was born and raised in Miami, Florida a town that is always sunny, she notes.

“My parents taught me a lot of values in life but the most important things that I was taught was that whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability, never look down on anyone because you don’t know what their future holds, and stay professional; you turn more heads by carrying yourself with grace,� she tells The Black Star News.

Candice attended Florida A & M University where she majored and obtained a bachelors degree in Business Education. “My first love is educating our youth at the high school level,� she adds. “It’s important to prepare our high school seniors for the world whether they are going to college or to the work force. As educators, we need to make sure that our high school seniors meet all criteria of becoming successful adults.� Amen to that.

Where She’s At:
Candice sees her modeling career going high places. “I’m young, exciting, full of life, and have a killer runway walk,� she tells The Black Star. “Many people ask me who taught me how to walk; I tell them no one. I’ve been practicing since I was five years old, walking in my mothers high heel pumps because that’s all she used to wear. Now look at me, walking in those heels since I was five years old has blossomed into a little star. My goal is to get all the experience I can in modeling and learn the business. One of my goals is to launch a fashion magazine where people can see the latest styles and fashions. I want to educate the world about the people behind the fashion which are the designers. Everyone knows brand name clothing but don’t know who makes it.�

“Some challenges I had in life was getting over that I was slim,� Candice notes, referring to a unique but overlooked problem since many people fight excess weight.

Where She’s Heading:
“I used to think that I was too slim and that it was unattractive. It wasn’t until a woman came up to me one day in the mall and said ‘you know what, you are a beautiful girl. You are slim but you have curves and with that alone, you should be a model.’ She looked me up and down and said ‘walk to the door’ and I did. She said ‘Oh yeah, you definitely  have what it takes.’ I always had a dream of modeling but until that day came, I pushed forward with it. I wish I could see that lady today so I can tell her thank you, she had no idea that she changed a young woman life.  That’s why you take all comments as a blessing whether they are positive or negative because it might can push you in a direction that makes you blossom.�

Candice has been on fashion shows down in the South Florida. So how does this beauty prepare to step out? “I mostly wear House of Dereon and Marciano. I wear these two lines of clothing a lot because they tend to cater to tall slender women. A lot of tall woman can relate to the fact that a lot of jeans are hard to find in long length. Both of these designers make long jeans and also lovely accessories.�

The Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Candice:
“ Nicky Giovanni, Carrie Meek, and Oprah Winfrey.�
Candice’s Words Of Wisdom: “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.�
Candice’s Secret Of Success: “Make a list of goals and check them off as you go.�
Candice’s Three Favorite Movies: “Romeo Must Die, What’s Love Got To Do With It, and
Candice’s Three Favorite  Books: “Going Broke, by Trista Russell; Why Sleeping Dogs Lie, by Tracie Howard; and, A Gangsta Girl by Chunchi.�
At End Of Day, Sentence Describing Candice: “A strong Black woman who had a modeling dream, turned it into a goal, and made it happen.�
Candice’s Favorite Five Musicians/Songs: “India Irie – The Truth; Sade – Kiss of Life; Amerie – Talking To Me; Beyonce – Green Light; and, Anita Baker – Rapture of Love.�

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