Miami NBA Champions 2013 With James’ Spectacular Plays

The Miami Heat are back-to-back NBA champions with the team’s 95-88 victory last night over the San Antonio Spurs.

There were times towards the waning minutes of Game 7 of the NBA Finals when you held your breath and prayed that Chris Bosh wouldn’t fling the basketball towards the hoop — especially after that ill-advised three point attempt.

You wondered why LeBron James, who ended with 37 points and 12 rebounds had passed him the ball anyway; just because Bosh was open on the wing wasn’t justification. Up until that moment Bosh hadn’t scored a single point. He was unlikely to score–he never scored.

But Bosh is actually still a hero. He made that critical defensive move and pinned Mano Gonobili beneath the hoop on the baseline forcing him to pass back towards Tim Duncan.  James had already anticipated that move and accepted the pass himself willingly and happily.

And before the Bosh-haters forget, it was because of Bosh that The Miami Heat got to play Game 7 anyway; a game which was almost as thrilling as Game 6 itself, where Bosh grabbed “The Rebound” and found an open Ray Allen for “The Three Point” shot. Without that Bosh-to-Allen move it’s San Antonio that would have been celebrating since Tuesday night.

Yes, LeBron James is the MVP and deservedly so. We agree with Magic Johnson that without a doubt LeBron is the best at the game right now. It remains to he seen if he will indeed reach Michael Jordan’s level as Magic believes he will.

Last night it was LeBron’s night. Had he chosen to have an off-night San Antonio would be partying today. LeBron harassed and neutralized Tony Parker with his defensive game, which he’d stepped up. But still Duncan did almost enough to lead San Antonio to victory.

He wasn’t shabby at all, scoring 24 points and grabbing 12 rebounds just on one day’s rest since his Game 6 giant effort with 30 points and 17 rebounds. He could have tied the game in the waning seconds but at 37 the legs aren’t what they used to be and he couldn’t finish even on a tip-in attempt with 50 seconds left.

Although he had some critical turnovers, Ginobili with 18 points, also played a big game, hitting a huge three pointer that kept San Antonio in the game towards the end.

Dwyane Wade contributed 23 points for The Heat, while Shane Battier emerged from purgatory to score a phenomenal 18 points — he knocked down six of eight 3-pointers.

Take your pick, this Game 7 between Miami and San Antonio and Game 6 are now both for the ages. And before you rage on Chris Bosh again do remember “The Rebound.”



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