Merry Christmas Everyone — Happy Holidays


Christmas morning is always a bittersweet time for me. My late wife, Val, and I were married on Christmas Morning, and she was the greatest gift that I could ever receive, because she was a Christmas gift from God.

Yet, as I move forward he’s still giving, as I continue to strive to become the man that I saw reflected in her eyes.

Merry Christmas Everyone, and if you’re up at 2 a.m. as I, look into the night sky, and into the face of God.


As I walked the sandy shore

in wretched sadness,

the mighty surf reached out to me.

Its thundering voice

spoke not of cold, dark fathoms

or the mystery of desolate expanse,

but whispered softly

of an endless moment,

that moment when we were one.

It spoke of a time, before time,

when time stood still,

when we danced as siblings

enraptured against the breast of God.

It spoke of the mighty thrust,

that eternal moment

that cast creation

into the windless void to meet our destiny–

he the mighty sea,

destined to caress the shore,

and me, the eyes of creation,

smiling back upon itself.

The awe of its ageless mystery embraced me

in the familiar warmth of eternity,

as its timeless roar gently

began its song –

a love song,

whispered to a loved one’s ear –

a love song of eons past,

but of a love that’s always near:

“Oh, sweet sibling,

I embrace your pain,

but this too shall pass,

and we’ll be one again.”


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