Meet Youngest Black Woman To Formulate All-Natural, Organic Hair Growth Oil


Mariah Lovemore, an African American cosmetologist from Cincinnati, Ohio, was just 27 years old when she began researching how to develop a hair growth formula for men and women with natural hairstyles.

It took her 7 years to get it right, but she has finally broken the code. And now, at 34 years old, she is one of the country’s first and only Black women to have developed an all-natural, organic hair growth formula that really works.

Her signature product is called Naija Growth Elixir, and it helps make natural hair more manageable, softer, and shinier which retains length and stimulates growth in areas treating alopecia, postpartum, and dandruff. Her innovative formula accomplishes all of this without leaving a person’s natural hair and scalp feeling greasy. It has given people of African descent hope and courage to wear their hair with confidence while enjoying its invigorating and pleasant fragrance.


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