Maria; Pride Of Oregon

We can build prisons but not homes for the homeless?

Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From: Maria Swain, a Capricorn, was born in Seattle, Washington. “Nothing was easy about the first five years of my life with my parents,” she tells The Black Star News. “Thank God; for my grandparents adopted me and my sister Tina, one of my sisters. We were raised in Brookings, Oregon. A very small town of 5,000 people. I learned from my grandparents, work ethics, character, the value of your word, truth and just enjoying life to the fullest.”
Maria went to high school in Oregon, Brookings Harbor High and Ashland High School. She then went to Boise State University and Northeastern State University.  “I fell in love with taking pictures in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with my most favorite photographer Stephen Jones.” 
Where She’s At: “The foundation for my career has been laid and now there is only one way—up. My website  was the best visual resume to my modeling. Since then a lot of amazing offers have been made. My hope is to have my own talk show, host different shows, commercials, billboards, and radio talk. I’m really excited to see the doors that do open because I know the sky has no limit.”
“Most women in this industry have to deal with a lot of disrespect from not being taken seriously and trying to be taken advantage of,” she continues. “So the challenge has been separating the real from the fact. A lot of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Just pray for wisdom to see the real from the fake.” 
“I most definitely pride myself for been blessed with the full package in terms of brains and beauty. This is a business; so if you have no business knowledge to back up the beauty you’re stuck. That’s the difference between a successful model and a model.” 

“I was most proud of when VH1 contacted me; has been the most exciting so far.   But I just feel it inside of me that it is going to get better.”

So how does Maria prepare to shine?
“I love to dress up but I love my comfort so Nike is number one. I guess it’s the tomboy in me. I love anything brand name. Cakemix has to be tied for the number one spot because I’m the spokes model for this line! Juicy is another line I’m in love with. Olay body wash because it makes my skin so soft. Victoria’s Secrets and Bath and Body Works for everyday smell good, Chanel Chance, and Burberry.  I love Smash Box makeup, Bellepierre, and Mac. Aveda and Bioterra for hair care.  Sally’s is the best place to shop for hair products.”
Maria’s Words Of Wisdom: “It would have to be a poem that I Iove; I’ll give the shortened version. ‘What good do we do the world by shrinking to make others feel bigger? Let your light shine so it will empower other to shine as well.’” 
Maria’s Secrets To Success:
“Never give up and pray. That has been the only way I have made it this far. Thank God.”
Maria’s Favorite Movies: “Love Jones, Brown Sugar, and Their Eyes Were Watching God..” 
Maria’s Favorite Books: “The Count of Monte Cristo, The Coldest Winter Ever, Their Eyes Were Watching God.” 
Three Leaders That Most Inspired Maria: “Angela Davis, Oprah, Tupac.” 
The First Three Things Maria Would Do As President: “I would find a way of making it easier on the working class to become richer—more grants to help them succeed. A homeless program that got everybody off the streets. We can build prisons but not homes for the homeless? I would pay the teachers five times more. Education is the most important what about the ones that are teaching.” 
Maria’s Favorite Cars: “Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes.” 
Maria’s Favorite Entertainers: “Stevie Wonder—Ribbon in the Sky. His music just makes me always feel good. He is an example of not letting anything stop you from living your dream. Lionel Richie; Kem; Erika B.; and Lauryn Hill.” 
Maria’s Favorite Websites: “Of course mine , , and”
A Short Maria Story: “I love how my grandmother would wake my sister and I up early on Saturday morning and say ‘get ready we are going on a road trip!’ That’s why I love to travel and road trip. Thank you grandma.”

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