Malcolm X: Two Men Convicted Of Assassination To Be Exonerated

Malcolm X Assassination

Photo: Twitter

Two men convicted of assassinating Malcolm X are reportedly expected to be exonerated – more than 50 years after the civil rights leader was shot and killed.

The exoneration of the two men, Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam, would represent an astonishing twist surrounding the killing of the one of the country consequential Black leader.

It would also mark a huge victory for those who had argued the two men had been framed and that evidence was covered up.

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Update: It is now being stated that law enforcement authorities withheld evidence in this case that led to the convictions of Aziz and Islam.

In particular, the FBI is being accused as one of the parties which withheld vital evidence. And Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance made this statement to the New York Times:  “These men did not get the justice that they deserved.”

This is a continuing developing story. It is being reported that more details on this stunning development in the Malcom X assassination case will be announced on Thursday.

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