MAGA-Controlled Supreme Court Gives American Women Middle Finger

conservative Court decided states have the final say in whether a woman can access an abortion

Photos: ACLU\Harvard\YouTube

The white male right-wing Republican-dominated U.S. Supreme Court has just showed us how hypocritical white conservative America is with this decision which says states have the right to decide what women can do with their bodies.

They just gave American women, and the stare decisis precedent, the proverbial middle finger.

On Friday, mirroring the “states’ rights” argument, the activist-controlled conservative Court decided states have the final say in whether a woman can access an abortion. But on Thursday, this same court decided the State of New York didn’t have the final say in how to regulate conceal carry gun licenses.

How do you like that for reasoned Republican consistency?

So, this duplicitous Court just told New York they can’t regulate gun laws the way the State wants to limit gun proliferation on public streets. But at the same time, they tell American women they will allow “Red” states to regulate what they can do with their bodies.

But what we really have here is: the ideology of white male, so-called conservatism, saying in essence, they will undermine the laws of “Blue” states, when they see fit, but will give major leeway to “Red” states to do whatever they want to keep those who aren’t white ultra-conservatives in check and in line.

This is America’s growing white male minority telling us they fully intend to continue to rule over us, the much larger majority–regardless of the major demographic changes that are happening in the country. White men are doing everything to maintain their shrinking evaporating power to retain control over all our lives.

These people believe they have the right to force, and enforce, their biased patriarchal white world-view upon all of us who are in the “others” category.

White conservative men are afraid of the emerging America and this decision will be used in attempts to further curtail the will of the new American majority. The MAGA justices (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett shown above) were installed on the Court to put measures back in place to corral and control those of us who have a different vision of where America needs to go. The majority of white women who voted for Donald Trump–despite all his “grab them by the pussy” behavior–who also made it clear he would nominate judges to overturn Roe should take responsibility for the pain many women will now experience.

Republicans, and their “judicial” henchmen, are shoving their warped white maleness down our collective throats.

How will we “the People” respond to stop these corrupt conservative right-wing Republicans who fully intend to use the Courts to criminalize control over us?

Black Americans–who are disproportionately incarcerated, relative to our population–have always understood that state actors will criminalize conduct to stifle the self-determination of those they disagree with or dislike. No group has had their bodies controlled more by white American men that Black people, especially Black women–who will be particularly harmed by the overturning of Roe.

Of course, conservatives will say this decision is correct because they are “pro-life” and believe in the “sanctity of life.” But when they tell us this, we must remember these same people believe in the death penalty and their dishonesty won’t let them see the glaring inconsistency.

Many of these very same “pro-life” conservatives say nothing regarding the lives that are being lost by the Wild West gun violence that is happening nation-wide–including Black deaths by trigger-happy police, who use us for habitual target practice. Somehow, these sanctimonious phonies are missing in action when it comes to speaking up for those who are losing their lives to guns–and for those who are given a death sentence by American poverty created by economic inequality.

How many times in recent years have we heard conservatives vociferously protecting gun “rights” after mass murder events? When it come to the Second Amendment, they make it clear they are willing to sacrifice the lives even of children to protect the carrying of an instrument which was invented to kill.

The Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe is not just a devastating blow for women’s rights. It is a warning to all of us who are considered outsiders of white conservative America.

Men who think this decision is solely one against women better think again. Black men understand all too well that one can be imprisoned for putting “controlled substances” into their bodies. Many have had their lives ruined because of marijuana or cocaine (usually crack) possession. These drug laws, and the War on Drugs, were always about controlling Black people–not about crime.

White men have always reserved what they believe is their right to control the bodies of everyone else besides themselves. Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling outlawing Roe is but the latest example of this.

It is now up to the rest of us to respond, not just with massive mobilization on the streets, but at the ballot box this November.

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