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Benjamin: These despicably dishonest officials want to railroad Walker on the false charge of attempted murder—after these police murdered his girlfriend Taylor. Doesn’t this show us just how perverse America’s so-called criminal “justice” system is?
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Breonna Taylor was murdered by Louisville Kentucky police–now they want to prosecute her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, for attempted murder.

The March 13th murder of essential EMT worker Breonna Taylor is another glaring example of racial murder by white America’s “peace officers.”

Taylor, 26, had aspirations of becoming a nurse. But when Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) killer-cops fired eight bullets into her body that dream died with her.

When will Black America decide we’ve had enough of these racist police killings?

Breonna Taylor, like Atatiana Jefferson, Botham Jean, and former Marine Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., was killed inside her home. Taylor was asleep when Louisville Metro Police Department officers, with a “no-knock” warrant, broke into her home. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, a licensed gun owner, said he fired in self-defense upon the unknown intruders breaking into the house.

Walker utilized his Second Amendment right. This is completely understandable, and acceptable. But police want to make him the scapegoat for their murderous actions that took Taylor’s life.

Police responded by firing over 20 shots into Taylor’s home—eight of which pierced Taylor’s body. Taylor was killed by the bullets coming from the guns of officers Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly. Reportedly, other bullets entered the home of a pregnant neighbor.

In another outrage, that must be seriously challenged, Walker was arrested—and charged with attempted murder and assault after police say he shot and wounded Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly. After Walker, whose bond was $250,000 bail, was released to home incarceration, the Fraternal Order of Police declared their outrage. Imagine, Walker’s release, after only wounding Sgt. Mattingly, is an affront to these contemptible cops—but the killing of an innocent Black woman means absolutely nothing to them.

The detestable FOP Chapter 614 President Ryan Nichols called Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens releasing of Walker a “slap in the face to everyone wearing a badge.” It should also be noted that: The Fraternal Order of Police has reportedly been trying to intimidate Judge Stevens for releasing Walker. Judge Stevens is Black.

LMPD Chief Steve Conrad also criticized Walker’s release saying, “I certainly understand the need to make sure we are releasing those people who don’t pose a risk to our community from the jail, especially as we face the outbreak of COVID-19. However, it’s hard for me to see how a man accused of shooting a police officer falls into that low-risk category and I am very frustrated by Mr. Walker’s release to home incarceration.”

This kind of galling temerity an insensitivity to Black life should empower us to stand up strong to these killer-cops. We will only get justice when we make our own justice. America’s compromised politicians are too afraid of police unions to do anything. Many don’t give a damn about all the innocent Black lives that are being lost.

Chief Conrad’s obvious disregard for the dead life of Breonna Taylor couldn’t be any clearer. He wants the person who wounded one of his gun-happy goons locked away—but he could care less about the murder of Taylor. Chief Conrad is telling us Black lives don’t matter at all to police. No surprise there.

If these kinds of inhuman expressions, coming from the highest ranks of American policing, don’t spur us to act Black bloodletting by these “license to kill” state-sanctioned “law and order” murderers will continue to be perpetrated upon us.

As is their usual modus operandi after they kill and murder Blacks, police started lying immediately about Taylor’s death. The Louisville police has stated they were executing a warrant at Taylor’s residence because an alleged drug dealer, Jamarcus Glover, got mail there. Neither Taylor nor Walker has been accused of being involved in drug dealing—and, ironically, Glover was in police custody at the time these murderous devils were killing Taylor.

The LMPD says the reason they needed the “no-knock” warrant here is because “these drug traffickers have a history of attempting to destroy evidence, have cameras on the location that compromise detectives once an approach to the dwelling is made, and have a history of fleeing from law enforcement.”

Yet, police claim, despite going to the trouble of getting the “no-knock” warrant, that they “knocked on the door several times and announced their presence as police who were there with a search warrant.”

Does anyone really think this is anything more than an ass-covering lie? Not surprisingly, Taylor’s family tell us multiple neighbors provided statements disputing these obviously fraudulent police lies.

Another thing police frequently do when they unjustly kill, and murder Black people is to criminalize the victim. In this case, the police tactic, with the help of local prosecutor Ebert Haegele, is to blame Walker for the police’s unjust killing of Taylor. Walker is now also being labeled as an attempted cop-killer because he acted in self-defense to protect himself and his girlfriend from these “no-knock” intruders.

Consider prosecutor Haegele absurd claim that “One person is dead, and one person was almost killed due to Mr. Walker’s actions.” Notice how these biased prosecutors make excuses for these killer-cops? Remember how Ware County DA George E. Barnhill’s said the murderous McMichaels had the right to “hold this criminal suspect” Ahmaud Arbery?

These despicably dishonest officials want to railroad Walker on the false charge of attempted murder—after these police murdered his girlfriend Taylor. Doesn’t this show us just how perverse America’s so-called criminal “justice” system is?

Over the years, we’ve all heard a lot of bloviating bull about “Second Amendment rights.” Here we have a clear case where a Black man will be prosecuted for trying to protect his girlfriend and himself from unknown intruders. But rest assured, we won’t hear a mumbling word of defense for Walker from the NRA, or any of the other right-wing white male gun nuts in America. There is no such thing as equal rights for Blacks in the depraved minds of many white Americans.

Keep this in mind: at the end of April, heavily armed white men entered Michigan’s state capitol building to protest Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive actions regarding COVID-19 shelter-at-home orders. According to some news reports, police actually allowed these maniacs inside the capitol building. Let that sink in.

We must not allow these killer-cops in Louisville, with their immorally complicit police unions, to change the narrative. Kenneth Walker, a licensed gun owner, is not the criminal here. The lying Louisville killer-cops are the real criminals.

The Louisville authorities tell us this was a drug raid. Here again, we see the racist so-called “War on Drugs” at work. Of course, the war has always been about oppressing Black America.

The police claim they believed Taylor’s residence was possibly being used to receive drugs through the mail. But family attorney Ben Crump has just released a press statement (May 16, 2020) which says, in part: “Today, Louisville postal inspector Tony Gooden asserted that the LMPD did not use his office to verify that a drug suspect delivered packages to Breonna Taylor’s address, which directly contradicts what the police stated in the affidavit to secure a no-knock warrant for the home.”

Why isn’t anyone held accountable when police repeatedly lie, falsify, and coverup for police who brutalize and kill Black people? Why don’t we hear supposed “rule of law” Republicans denouncing this?

Breonna Taylor’s murder by Louisville police, and their blaming of her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, for her death, is an unjust outrage. The attempt to charge Walker with attempted police murder is a further perversion of any true concept of justice.

Louisville police and prosecutors have shown their biased corruption.  An independent body must now step in an investigate the murder of Breonna Taylor.

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