Looking at how Online Casinos reward their loyal players


Anyone who has stepped foot in a casino, or is a least familiar with casinos, would have no doubt heard of the term High Roller or VIP player. It is unlikely that you would need an explanation as to what a high roller or VIP player is. 

In case you need reminding though, it is simply a player that either spends a lot of money, gambles a lot of money win or lose, and is loyal to a certain casino. Players such as this get treated very well by the casino management. They can be rewarded handsomely, and the rewards can depend on play level as well as the casino themselves. This can range from free rooms including the penthouse suites, free travel back to the casino, and free gifts. This is because the casino wants to keep the player at their establishment to spend their money and keep them happy as well.

That is mostly all common knowledge of course. But how does it compare in the world of online casinos? How do the online counterparts reward their players? Because they cannot offer free rooms and travel to keep the player there. Well, the main difference here is that they offer the loyal gamblers forms of online perks and special priority treatment. There are in fact quite a variation of online casino VIP programs that will allow any player to achieve a VIP status. This often comes in the form of comp points that are earnt per amount or real money wagered, and you can move through club levels as more points are earned.

However, in contrast to land-based casino, you do not necessarily need to be a heavy hitter to be rewarded. If you are loyal, play regularly and earn your comp points, the casino management will notice this and offer you the best treatment. The types of reward will vary from casino to casino, but you can expect to receive perks in the form of the following:

Dedicated VIP host, increased deposit limits, priority withdrawals, cashback on wagers, exclusive bonuses, birthday gifts, increased betting limits, invitations to VIP events, monthly prize draws, invitations to high limit tables, luxury gifts such as TV’s and weekend getaways.

This is just an example of what can be achieved as a frequent loyal player. However, just like the brick and mortar casinos, the level of rewards will depend on the level of play. For example, how often you play, how much you wager, how much you deposit etc. Most often though, this does not need to be a significant amount. Modest and casual gamers can still reap the benefits as well as the bigger players. You comp points will add up over time.

This demonstrates that with all the various rewards on offer, there are several reasons why a player will choose to play at one casino over another. Priority withdrawals is a top reason why players choose a casino VIP program. No one likes to wait days or weeks for their winnings. So, there is no doubt that these players benefit even more from the fast payout online casinos than the regular player, even if the casino offers fast payouts by standard. Loyal players will always get the expedited and priority treatment. This is because they want to keep you as a player and want you to come back to them rather than go and play elsewhere.

Other players will prefer the increased deposit limits and higher betting limits as a reason to play at a particular casino. This is of course a benefit to the higher volume players. Many gamblers will be attracted to perks like cashback on wagers and lost deposits. Or perhaps the free TV’s, luxury gifts and monthly prize draws. They all seem to offer a dedicated host to manage your account and stay in contact which in turn leads to priority customer service and support. So, there are several reasons to choose one casino over another, depending on what they offer the VIP.

Whatever the reason may be for a frequent player to choose a specific casino with a loyalty program, it is clear that there is no shortage of choice among the rewards they offer. A multitude of loyalty gifts await the player wishing to experience the special attention loyalty brings.

Overall, you do not need to venture out to the casino every day to receive the VIP gifts. Online casinos treat their loyal players just as well. So, you can enjoy the great benefits from the comfort of your own home.

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