Lisa Bell, Pride Of Alabama

First Three Things Lisa Bell Would Do As President: “I would impose mandatory vacation laws first. Too few Americans realize the importance of vacations and relaxation. I would make two vacations per year mandatory. This law would inevitably improve the physical and mental well-being of the country and contribute to greater productive�


Where She’s From: Lovely actress and writer Lisa Nicole Bell was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and was always active in church and other extracurricular activities during her time in school. “My parents are outstanding people, and they taught me invaluable lessons about life,” Bell tells The Black Star News. “They gave me tools to survive, and they gave me unconditional love. The most important lesson they taught me was to keep God first in all that I did and to never give up on my dreams. Those two lessons are the cornerstones of my life.”

Bell attended California State University, but her career started a year she began college. “I moved to California from Alabama to seriously pursue acting, and upon my arrival, I decided to attend school simultaneously,” she explains.

Where She’s At:
“I have completed a number of projects, and I’m trained, but I still realize and appreciate that I’m still growing. My journey has only begun, and I look forward to the various achievements in store for me throughout my career,” she adds. Bell’s ultimate goal is to carry feature films and to write. Hopefully along the way, the industry will bestow some of its awards on her—but there’s more to life, Bell says.

“I consider my life to be my award—getting to wake up every day and do what I’m passionate about and earn a living is plenty for me,” she says. “I currently write screenplays as well as freelance writing for magazines. I’m working on a book, and I’d eventually like to publish this book as well as others. In addition to these things, there are various other business ventures I’d like to pursue.”

Of course, some naysayer warned her about moving off to the West Coast. “I never allowed any of that to dissuade me from making the move to LA,” she says. “I knew I belonged here, and I knew that those people did not always have my best interest at heart. I prayed over my move, and I let God handle the rest. Of course, there have been challenges since I’ve arrived. Only the strong survive in this industry. I believe being here and pursuing my dreams has made me stronger and better.”

Where She’s Heading: Bell carried her first feature film last year. “I’m really proud of it. It premiered at the Los Angeles Black Business Expo. In 2005, I was able to represent my hometown in a national K-Swiss ad. I was proud of that because my city was excited with me and for me because they got a shout out in the ad.  I’m also proud of much of the writing I’ve done,” adds this tireless artist and entrepreneur.

She cautions aspiring models and actors who think they can wing it on looks alone. “A beautiful woman who can’t think intelligently can’t live up to her full potential— or can a woman who is smart but neglects herself physically,” she says. “In order to reach self-actualization and really own womanhood, a woman must be fully aware of all of her powers and how to use them. Knowing how to combine good looks and a sound mind is a recipe for success.”

How does Bell prepare to step out into the world? “I’m a style chameleon so I don’t shop at one particular store,” she confides. “I shop everywhere from Banana Republic to Hot Topic. I can wake up and be the preppy girl, the skater chick, the diva, the professional, the All-American, the surfer girl—it really depends on my mood. I consider my clothing an extension of my self-expression so my clothes usually make a statement of some sort. I think my only loyalties are Nine West shoes and Prescriptives makeup. Arcona, Boscia, and Mychelle are the main skin care lines I use. My fragrances rotate with the season, but some of my favorites are Lolita Lempicka, Ralph Lauren, and Michael Kors.”

Bell’s Secret Of Success:
“God and the law of attraction. I credit God for my success and all that I am. I believe that I attract what I dwell on, and so, I’m sure to fill my mind with positive, facilitative thoughts that will manifest those things my heart desires.”
Bell’s Favorite Three Films: “Coming to America, Monster, Love Jones.”
Bell’s Favorite Three Books: “The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.”
First Three Things Bell Would Do As President: “I would impose mandatory vacation laws first. Too few Americans realize the importance of vacations and relaxation. I would make two vacations per year mandatory. This law would inevitably improve the physical and mental well-being of the country and contribute to greater productivity during work hours. Second, I would implement aggressive environmental protection laws and campaigns. We are so destructive to Mother Earth, and I would implement stiff fines and even jail time for those who demonstrated disregard for nature. We need to preserve the Earth for ourselves and our posterity. Third, I would completely overhaul the public school system. Too many children are coming out of school not knowing more than they did when they went in. Incompetent workers are largely the result of poor education. Education is fundamental to our society, and as such, our resources should be allocated to educating the masses. I would restructure the curriculum, change the grading system, and implement a new policy for hiring and firing teachers. These changes would inevitably change the state of our nation over 10-20 years and beyond.”
Final Observations: “At the end of my life, I want to be both overflowing and empty. I want to be full of love, joy, gratitude and blessed experiences, and I want to be completely empty from having used every talent and gift God ever gave me.”
Bell will be speaking at “The Process 2007,” a young women’s empowerment conference on January 20, 2007. Check Lisa out on myspace at

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