Lincoln Announces Partnership To Benefit HBCU Golf Programs

historic partnership to improve men’s and women’s golf programs and increase access to the sport.

Photo: Kwame Foundation\Lincoln University

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Kwame Foundation and Lincoln University are coming together for a historic partnership to improve men’s and women’s golf programs and increase access to the sport. Kwame Foundation’s multi-year commitment to Lincoln University Athletics will cover extensive renovations to the university’s golf facility and provide much-needed equipment for student athletes. The renovation will include the installation of two fully interactive golf simulators, improved flooring and lockers. Founded in 1866, Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri is one of the oldest historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the United States and is the only HBCU in the state with both men’s and women’s golf programs.

“We could not be more excited to commemorate Kwame Foundation’s historic commitment to the only HBCU men’s and women’s golf programs in the state of Missouri,” said Dr. Kevin Wilson, Vice President for Advancement, Athletics and Campus Recreation. “Similar to emerging groups of philanthropists across the country, Kwame Foundation is passionate about providing our students with access to the game of golf and equipping them with the tools to compete with anyone.”

The game of golf has been central to Kwame Foundation since its founding. Each year, the organization hosts its ‘Tee Off Fore Education’ golf tournament to raise money for scholarships for minorities and first-generation college students. Since 2003, Kwame Foundation has contributed nearly $3 million for endowed scholarships to colleges and universities throughout the United States. $75,000 was raised for scholarships in 2022 alone.

“With our primary educational focus now directed towards scholarships at HBCUs, we have strengthened our partnership with each of the two historically Black universities based here in Missouri,” said Kwame Foundation Executive Director, Lydia Huston. “Our support of Lincoln University’s golf program is a worthwhile investment that will allow the women and men who participate various pathways for athletic and academic success. We are excited to see this program thrive and grow.”

“On behalf of the Lincoln University Golf programs, I extend my deepest appreciation to Kwame Foundation for their partnership. I am grateful for their desire to see progress and a culture of competitiveness in HBCU golf,” said Kortland Ware, Director of Golf. “Support from Kwame Foundation will expedite our development into a program that will make our alumni, the Jefferson City community, and the Show Me state proud.”


Kwame Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization that creates opportunities for youth in underserved communities through mentorship, scholarships and community engagement. Founded in 2003 by Kim and Anthony (Tony) Thompson, CEO of Kwame Building Group, Kwame Foundation provides young people opportunities to learn, grow and become professionals in their chosen careers through education and professional development. Although the foundation serves students of all races, it primarily exists to serve bright, motivated minority students who might not otherwise have an opportunity for higher education. For more information about Kwame Foundation, contact Lydia Huston at [email protected] or call (314) 754-5619.

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