Liberating America: Clintonistas And Obamaist

There should not be questions about, who should get Hilary Clinton’s votes? We should be asking ourselves, come November, will we be able to save a nation and turn it back into a beacon of the world again? Yes we can; yes we can.

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The presidential election process is supposed to be set up as a democracy where different American candidates belonging to different parties, campaign for the highest job in the nation – the White House. 

Each candidate tries to get the most votes as possible in order to be endorsed by their respected party before making it to the convention. 

Only one candidate of each party can be listed at the top of the ticket at the convention, and in most cases – the runner-up candidate endorses the lead candidate of the party and throws their support behind that candidate.  That’s been the American way for centuries.

After the Ohio vote, Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill) was out of the gate winning primary after primary early in the game before Senator Hilary Clinton’s (D-NY) camp began to get her message out on the back of Obama’s lead.  Clinton received 18-million votes and came in second, after all the dirty tactics and playing the race card.  Many dismiss Clinton’s actions as just plain politics, when in fact it’s been the American way for centuries.

One’s religion, ethnicity or gender, should not be the deciding factor in who’s going to be the next president.  We are a nation of many religions and ethnicities and no one joins a party on the basis of one’s, “Gender.”  That’s not the American way.

However, Obama, and Clinton who both happen to be Democrats, have competed for their party’s individual position for the White House, with Barack Obama coming out the winner.  When have members of the same party, switched to another party because of gender?  Never –because that was not meant to be the American way. So some of the threats coming from Clinton’s female supporters are baseless and don’t make sense.

Yes, this presidential election is a historic moment and one that forced many people to deal with their own prejudices.  18 million votes does not just mean they are for Clinton, they are votes needed to move the Democratic Party closer to winning the White House in November. 

In my entire voting history, I, an African American, have voted for someone who did not look as I do, and here in the 21st Century, there will be millions of people who will be casting their vote for someone who does not look like them for the first time.  Not in fear, but for change. 

The change many have talked about for so long and so many have come to believe; the time is now.  Changing the way Washington does business will begin to put America back on her throne of Nations, and begin the healing across this land.
The Republican Party stands as a confused party and will continue the course of George Bush’s White House.  Senator John McCain was all but packed and ready to go home until the Republican voters learned that their front runner, Rudolph Giuliani, had strong ties to New York’s corrupt “top cop” Bernard Kerik and his bogus accounts of the September 11, 2001. 

Giuliani panned out to be a poor choice to lead the Republican Party and would have been a disaster in the White House.  McCain became the Republican candidate by default.

However, since Obama’s win there has been talk about Democrats defecting from the party using all kind of reasons – Obama’s nails are dirty; I don’t like his name; he doesn’t look like a strong candidate; I wanted to vote for a woman in this election; and on and on. 

There is a name for people who make up reasons to hide their true feelings, but I cannot mention it because my 5-year old granddaughter may read this article – so I call these party jumpers’ threats hogwash.

President Bush tapped a criminal like Kerik who is facing 142-years in federal prison, to head Homeland Security based on the suggestion of Giuliani– and Bush is responsible for taking the country into a war on bogus information, after millions of Americans marched against doing so in the streets across this nation; Bush ignored the American people.

We must not get sidetracked by gender issues and the color of one’s skin. We all are paying the high prices at the gas pumps, while a lot of us are faced with being houseless due to fraud-closures.

The next four years in the White House are not going to be a cake walk.  Bush would have left many potholes in the road and it is going to take a whole lot of clearing out and cleaning up to fill them. 

No matter what party you belong to – true Americans have already said, “All men are created equal,” and “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color to their skin but by the content of their character.” Forty years later, reality is set to take its place.

Obama comes to the table displaying family values, talking about real change in Washington and planting a new kind of hope in so many people.  There should not be questions about, who should get Hilary Clinton’s votes?  We should be asking ourselves, come November, will we be able to save a nation and turn it back into a beacon of the world again? 

Yes we can; yes we can.



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