Letter To Eric Holder: Zimmerman’s Bias And Killing Of Trayvon Martin


Attorney General Eric Holder

[Letter To Attorney General]

The Honorable Eric Holder,  Attorney General

United States Department of Justice

Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Attorney General Holder:

We are writing to you today as citizens concerned for Justice. It is our belief that the verdict obtained pursuant to State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman left demonstratively unvindicated the United States of America’s interest in eradicating bias-motivated viol ence.

Our concerns are two fold; one is for the investigation conducted by Florida law enforcement, and the other for the trial State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman for failing to address Criminal Civil Rights violations. We are grateful that your office has reopened the investigation into the highly publicized criminal case.

We believe it is necessary that your office investigate evidence, and witness accounts reported through the media of apparent racial bias in the actions that resulted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. We consider the conspicuous absence of this information in Florida law enforcement’s investigations a dereliction. Our belief is that the Sanford Police Department, and Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigations failed to collect and preserve evidence, and witness accounts of a considerable and apparent racial bias in the motivation and actions taken by George Zimmerman that resulted in the fatal shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

There is evidence that through the threat of force, and the use of force that George Zimmerman did intimidate, and interfere with Trayvon Martin’s housing rights because of his race. There is evidence that George Zimmerman did through the use of force fatally injure Trayvon Martin in an act of criminal interference of his Right to Fair Housing because of his race. Our attention has turned specifically to the right to occupy a dwelling in the statute 42 U.S.C. § 3631. Section 3631, and as enumerated in the statute 2) the occupation of dwelling.

It is also our belief that the trial, and verdict in State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman failed to vindicate the interest of the United States of America with regard to Criminal Civil Rights violations. We also believe the trial failed the State of Florida’s interest in Civil Rights. We found it conspicuous that all mention of “racial profiling” was barred from the proceedings. The term used to indicate racial bias was apparent in the actions of George Zimmerman, and decidedly used as a part of the criminal interference of Trayvon Martin’s right to occupy the dwelling at 2631 Retreat View Circle, Sanford, Florida 32771. We feel the State court’s failure to allow for the probable motivation of race bias, in direct conflict with the prima facia hypothesis of self defense, did deny the Jury of weighing the evidence necessary to arrive at a just verdict. We are providing this list to indicate the failure of Florida Law Enforcement in the collection and preservation of evidence, and to affirm that a proper and thorough investigation with regard to Civil Rights violations directed by your office is conscionable, necessary, and in the public interest.

1.) Reports of witnesses that experienced harassment, menacing behavior, and intimidating tactics used in confronting African Americans living and visiting inside the gated community.

2.) A report that an email was sent to multiple residents, and cautioning residents about African American males.

3.) A report of witnesses to daily/nightly patrolling done by George Zimmerman.

4.) A report of witnesses with knowledge that George Zimmerman was patrolling while armed.

5.) A report of a rash of calls to police about African Americans as suspicious by other residents at the urging of George Zimmerman through his role as neighborhood watch coordinator.

6.) Noted abrupt change of concerns in calls to police to concerns about “suspicious” African Americans in the months prior to the killing of Trayvon Martin.

7.) Noted prior embellishments of facts when calling police about African Americans. i.e., suspicious and loitering in 10 seconds; “there’s two suspicious characters at the gate of my Neighborhood/they’re just hanging out, loitering/two African American males in a white Impala/10 seconds ago, I called as soon as I saw them.”

8.) The recording of the probable racial slur (fucking coons) in conflict with the defense claim that went unexamined by forensic audio analysts, and unchallenged by the State of Florida leaving questions of depravity that ultimately should be answered by a Jury.

9.) The recording of the call to police containing objectifying curses inside phrases indicating depravity in relation to evidence of racial bias was not considered pursuant to State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman

In conclusion we are thankful that the United States Department of Justice has offered us this means of communicating our concerns and knowledge of the case in consideration of the renewed investigation. We understand the great responsibility and care that must be a part of any decision to undertake a prosecution of Civil Rights offenses. Still we consider the alternative a threat to the guarantee of equal protection under the law in our Nation. We implore you to act in the name of Justice.

Respectfully submitted,


Justice Team



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