Let Bigots Celebrate Zimmerman Travesty, Let People Of Conscience Rise Against Injustice

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Many bigots in this country are giddy with delight over what they view as a “victory” in the George Zimmerman verdict.

But since scientific studies have shown that racist attitudes have a positive correlation with gross ignorance, many of them are probably not familiar with the concept of “unintended consequences?”

So while bigots may think that they’ve won a victory in the Zimmerman verdict, they also thought they won a victory with the murder of Emmett Till, the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, and the arrest of Rosa Parks, that initiated the Civil Rights Movement.

So this unconscionable verdict just might be exactly what was needed to awaken a sleeping giant, those Black, White, and various other Americans of good conscience who have been in denial about what’s been taking place in this country over the past 30 years.

Admittedly, this writer is not one to be found sitting up in church every Sunday – while, ironically, many of those applauding this verdict are – we do recognize that there is much wisdom to be found in the Bible, and the Bible does say in effect, that “God works in mysterious ways.” So what we might have just witnessed in this verdict is the dying gasp of Jim Crow.

There’s been a raging debate going on in this country every since President Obama was elected as to whether or not his election signaled a “post-racial” America. Some believe that it does, by mere virtue of the fact that enough White people came out to vote for this Black man to elect him President of the United States in the first place. Others argue that the election of Barack Obama was just an illusionary ploy to silence the Black community’s complaints over racism in America.

I take the position that we are in both the best of times, and the worst of times. President Obama’s election demonstrates without a doubt that racism among the vast majority of Americans is nowhere close to what it was in the past, but on the other hand, those who are determined to “conserve” America’s racist tradition are both more vehement and powerful – and much more dangerous – than ever.

It is these malevolent forces who are now celebrating the unconscionable verdict that freed the man who killed Trayvon Martin, an innocent kid whose only crime was having the audacity to think it was safe to go to the store to buy some candy in America. Thus, by finding the freeing of this child’s murderer a cause for celebration, these people have clearly defined themselves, and they’ve also defined the kind of America that they look forward to maintaining.

We shouldn’t worry about the verdict, per se, because while Zimmerman supposedly “got off,” he’s far from free.

He’s gonna have to live the rest of his life like a mole. Imagine having to live your life worried about millions of potential hit men. So justice is prevailing. No more strolls on the beach, no leisurely walks in the park, no more going to the movies with family and friends, or to dinner or a night club for a quick drink – he can no longer do any of those things. He’s essentially in a prison without bars. He’s not only going to have to look over his shoulder until the end of his days, but he’s also cursed his entire family.

So again, God, Nature, or the Universe – take your pick – works in mysterious ways. Thus, maybe like Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin’s only purpose in life was to serve as a catalyst to wake up America.

History is filled with examples where the fate of ordinary individuals has changed the course of history. So while we mourn Trayvon and the gross injustice of his untimely death, we should also honor his death by using it to awaken the sleeping giant within our midst, that vast majority of Americans of good will, to crush those malevolent forces among us who threaten to destroy all of the poor and middle class in America in the very same way that their view of America snatched the life from Trayvon Martin.

So let us insure justice for Trayvon by shoving him down their throats, and making him the poster child for all injustice. “TRAYVON LIVES!” should be our fight song to address all injustice towards the poor and middle class across this nation.

Let us honor Trayvon and his family by using his untimely death to defeat injustice, and to breathe life back into America.


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