Kutesa, Homophobic President of UN General Assembly Refers to LGBT community as “Frogs”


Shove it: Kutesa, the homophobic President of UN General Assembly whose corruption was refered to as “egregious” by former U.S. ambassador

Sam Kutesa, Uganda’s corrupt and homophobic Minister of Foreign Affairs, who last year became President of the United Nations General Assembly, does not seem to learn any lesson at all now referring to the LGBT community as “frogs” as reported in Ugandan media.

He barely survived making it as President of the GA even though he should have been disqualified due to his ties to corruption and embezzlement and homophobia. His hostility towards the LGBT community goes against everything the United Nations is supposed to stand for — the protection of human rights for all regardless of race, national origin, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Now while visiting his home country, Uganda, which is still trying to re-introduce the homophobic law that calls for life sentences for members of the LGBT community after it was struck down by a Ugandan court on a technicality last year, the leading homophobe, Sam Kutesa, in an article under the headline “Kutesa lashes out at pro-gay activists”, in Uganda’s independent newspaper The Daily Monitor, had this to say yesterday in reference to the LGBT community: ““No matter how much noise the frogs make, they cannot stop a cow from drinking water.”” 

In other words the LGBT community is so inconsequential that it can croak as much as it wants (like frogs) but it had no impact on preventing him from getting the job of President of the General Assembly (“drinking water.”)

Kutesa’s own boss, Uganda’s dictator of 28 years Gen. Yoweri Museveni last year referred to Gays as “disgusting” and also said their blood should be drawn so scientists could study their genetic abnormalities.

In addition to his homophobia the United Nations has been protecting Kutesa over a scandal whereby he illegally enriched himself by billing the United Nations nearly $30 million without disclosing that while Uganda’s foreign minister he was also Chairman of a vendor, ENHAS co., that had a multi-million dollar UN contract as reported on The Black Star News.

When The Black Star News asked UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon about the conflict of interest and apparent illegal enrichment, and whether the UN would seek to recover the $30 million the UN removed the links on its website that showed the millions of dollars paid to Kutesa’s company ENHAS through the years.

Kutesa’s ENHAS operates cargo and luggage operations at Uganda’s Entebbe airport and there have also been major smuggling operations, including of ivory, some of which have been foiled, at the airport.

Since the U.S. contributes billions of dollars annually, or more than 22% of the UN’s regular budget and about 30% of its peace-keeping budget, American taxpayers should call Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s office at 212- 963-1234 and ask why the UN disabled the links showing the payments to Kutesa’s company, ENHAS. U.S. taxpayers should also call and alert their Congressional representatives since the UN has never revoked the contract with Kutesa’s ENHAS or tried to recover the $30 million.

The Black Star will continue reporting on the UN’s coverup of how Kutesa illegally enriched himself through UN contracts in the future. Kutesa’s corruption was described as “egregious” by a former U.S. ambassador to Uganda in a memo published by WiKileaks.

The petition to block Kutesa from becoming UN General Assembly President last year garnered 15,642 signatures and continues and can still be signed.

Kutesa was unsuitable in 2014 for the UN post; he is even more unsuitable for the post today.


Note: Readers may also want to send the President of the General Assembly a plastic frog or a T-shirt with a frog’s body and Kutesa’s head to: Sam Kutesa, President, UN General Assembly. c/o The United Nations HQ. 43rd Street and 1st Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10007. USA


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