Kobe, NCAA & NFL: What Is The Meaning Of This?


Sometimes life throws us curveballs that make us stop and consider a deeper, truer meaning to what has recently occurred.  Sometimes, it isn’t quite that serious….it may be as simple as a curveball itself—why did he or she throw it versus another pitch.  Here are a few other things making me go hmmm, as I search for the meaning to it all: 

What does it mean when talk shows devote entire segments to football coaching vacancies and opportunities?….the seasons, both college and professional, are nearing an end.  We’ve now entered into that space where decisions are being made based on how well a team did or didn’t do thus far.  For some, expectations have been exceeded and the phones began ringing weeks ago—a chance for a promotion to the next coaching level or a more solid program waits in the wings.  And even if a coach finds himself on the receiving end of a pink slip, it isn’t always a bad thing.  In the case of University of Georgia’s head coach….getting booted down to his former stomping grounds at the U of Miami, is the best of a full circle moment….plus, it is Miami—nobody could mad at that!

What does it mean when my Oklahoma Sooners were catapulted to #3 in the playoff ranks a few weeks ago…when it is no secret the Big 12 doesn’t have a conference championship game?….that a championship game is a WANT not a NEED.  Basic math solves this riddle…best conference record wins…period.  Don’t get me wrong, should the Big 12 powers that be decide to reinstate the game, I’d be a happy camper…more football is never, ever a bad thing!     

What does it mean when playoffs are underway in the NFL fantasy league and we’ve yet to see a dominant team emerge in the real world…..including last year’s Super Bowl contenders New England and Seattle…and the present day super streak holding Carolina Panthers? The stage is set for a rollercoaster ride as teams give it all they got for a final push for the playoffs….although the Panthers do look to be having the most fun doing so!                                                                              

What does it mean when an aging superstar decides to hang it up after this season?  That he has begun to face  injuries he could have never envisioned decades ago….that his heart is not willing to commit to the grind another year more.  What it doesn’t mean?  That Kobe’s recent decline negates his superstar status!  Not. At. All.  I couldn’t help but chuckle when an analyst said he wasn’t going to hold needing Shaq to win championships against Kobe.  Really?  Good thing, because then he’d have to hold needing Scottie Pippen against Michael Jordan…and no one wants to take the conversation there, do they?        

What does it mean when one blockbuster MLB contract is overshadowed by another the next day?  Pitching matters!  Having a team stacked with sluggers is nice….but it is all for naught if, from a defensive perspective, your guy on the mound isn’t able to dismiss players from the batter’s box with ease.  And we all know the importance of defense, don’t’ we? 

What does it mean when a game is so much easier to follow in person than on tv?  I must’ve attended my first NHL game.  As a novice on the ice…watching these guys skate and score made my eyes dance. Full disclosure:  being able to yell “hit him” without abandon was worthy of an eye dance too!   

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