Kaliq: The Only Monroe

Kaliq: “I was so depressed by my teenage years that I had completely given up on life. I believed that I had no self worth or purpose. Being on the streets for three years after my mother was murdered in 2002 taught me that my purpose is supernatural.�


Where She’s From:
Kaliq Monroe, whose Zodiac sign is Libra, was born in Sacramento, California, and raised in the Bay area.
“The most important thing that I have learned from my grandparents who raised me, Solomon and Jacqueline, is to always put God first in all of my endeavors,� she tells The Black Star News. “My grandmother Emma lets me know that it is important to believe but it is even more important to have faith. With faith comes great works.�

Monroe went to school in Dublin, California, and later obtained a Final Diplomacy through the Youth Opportunity Program in Memphis, TN. “I launched my professional career as a rapper, singer and model in 2003,� she says. “I consider my career to be at the very beginning stage. Where opportunities are continually presenting itself. I am like a concrete rose,  blossoming through the hardships of life and the trial it takes to be a respected young woman in the entertainment  industry.�

Where She’s At:
“I see myself being one of the most remembered entertainers in the industry. Not because of looks alone but because of the creative nature I posses. This nature sets me aside from the norm,� the confident entertainment artist continues. “I am able to evolve with significant difference naturally. My style is not forced—it is a natural attribute. My aspirations are to be a rapper and a singer who is well-known and appeals to all walks of life.�

“I also aspire to eventually have large contracts with Covergirl and L’Oreal as a print model,� adds Monroe, who in addition to fashion and film, also aims to own her own recording label.

“One of the biggest challenges about being an artist is being able to accept and devour constructive criticism,� Monroe advises others who aspire to make it in entertainment. “I conquer constructive criticism by devouring every last drop and reflecting back on the advice to see how this could possibly make me a better artist. In the start of my career, I used to wear my heart on my shoulder and then I learned to put it in my back pocket. The music industry is a business and the listeners are consumers. Being talented is only one aspect of being able to capture the attention of millions—not only captivating them but being able to give them an image and an artist that they love, admire and want in their collection of CDs at home.�

“I am professional model with ES1 Urban here in Memphis, Tennessee,� she adds. “Readers can check me out at elitestudio1.com. My song ‘Das Whussup’ was featured on the Heimenz mix tape in New York hosted by XXL Eye Candy of the year Ms. Angel.�

“The brainpower behind the beauty is what keeps you from being messed over in the music industry or any aspect of the entertainment industry,� Monroe cautions. “With knowledge comes power. Some people don’t expect a beautiful woman to actually know the business side of entertainment. It’s a great feeling to prove the hype wrong.�

So how does Monroe prepare to step out? “My favorite clothing line is Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons,â€? she says. “Kimora has a definite true sense of fashion. I can always find something in her clothing line that represents me. I use Mary Kay makeup, the product is lightweight and natural looking–it comes with a full line of skin care products to fit your skin type. I experiment with a lot of perfumes because I might feel floral one day and spicy another. For my spicy days I like to wear Wild Honeysuckcle by Bath and Body works.â€?

Monroe’s Words Of Wisdom:
“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.�
Monroe’s Secrets Of Success: “My  three secrets of success are, putting God first, believing, and having faith when the odds seem to have you out numbered.�
Monroe’s Favorite Three Movies: “Set it Off, Love and Basketball and Dance with Me.�
Monroe’s Favorite Three Books: “Death By Hollywood; by Steven Bocho, Chill Factor; by Sandra Brown, and A Day Late and A dollar Short; by Terry McMillan.
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Monroe: “Dr. Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and Maya Angelou.�
The First Three Things Monroe Would Do As President: “Open more non-profit organizations to save the youth who hold the keys to the success of our future, offer better health benefits for the poor, and make it illegal for parents not to interact in their child’s education.�

Monroe’s Favorite Car: “I only have one favorite car and that is a Lamborghini. I love the style and the speed.�
Monroe’s Favorite musicians/entertainers: “Definitely Tupac Shakur, my favorite song from him was ‘Keep Your Head Up’, ‘Brenda’s Got a Baby’, these songs are relatable and inspirational to those who could identify with hardships. Next, I would say Whitney Houston. Listening to Houston was like listening to an angel. Her songs ‘I will Always Love You’ and ‘I Believe in Miracles’ were a few of my favorites. Michael Jackson, some say, is the King of Pop, to me he was literally the king of music from the 80’s to the 90’s, with songs like ‘Black Or White’, ‘The way You Make Me Feel’, ‘Jam’ , ‘Annie are you Okay?’ and  ‘Thriller.’�
A Short Monroe Story: “At 15 , I ran away to Tampa , Florida to meet my mother for the first time. The last time I had seen her was when I was four. I spent most of my childhood years wondering ‘why’? Why my father or mother wasn’t around. I was so depressed by my teenage years that I had completely given up on life. I believed that I had no self worth or purpose. Being on the streets for three years after my mother was murdered in 2002 taught me that my purpose is supernatural. My experiences and heartache weren’t in vain and I’m still here, today, to give hope to other young women. To help them envision a positive vision and purpose in life.�

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