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Message from Nettie: I am already committed to not shopping for the holidays unless I buy Black. WE have got to release the apathy — the "arm chair activism" — and do something to effect change and illicit respect or we might see 70 shots the next time. We all must make a commitment to prevent a next time. The sacrifice you make today, will save the lives of our children tomorrow.

The Rally was peaceful.  I was sending serious Reiki energy for peace and the universe responded.  Despite the media’s reserved estimate, I would say at the highest peak there were about 1500 people in the crowd.  The security on the stage was manned by 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, there also appeared to be Black Panthers and 5 percenters.  I am not sure about Muslims, it was hard to see the stage which had been moved to Foley Square.   The police stayed in the background.  Some Bloods and Crips showed up wearing bandanas on their faces, the crowd gave them that look and they chilled out immediately.  Folks were polite and hospitality was the name of the game.  Our Black men were in charge and there was a strong sense of protection which I believe even the police understood.  The media was in awe and clearly disappointed by the lack of violence or disunity.  This rally was the brainchild of the Black Mens Movement and the December 12 Movement.  The only political leader I saw was, of course and as usual, Charles Barron.
What I loved about this Rally was the manner in which the young, male and educated strategists handled the crowd.  Periodically, the speakers reminded us of discipline and the need to stay focused.  Once the decision was made to march, the police placed scooters (small motorcyles) in front of the crowd and formed a human chain behind the scooters.  In addition, there were the metal barricades and some orange cones to keep folks corralled in and build up frustration.  The young leaders asked us to stay 15 abreast, publicly.  Privately, others were telling us to step outside of the “police box” and move behind the police.  Silently and subtely many of us did that, suddenly the police realized they were surrounded.  All of a sudden, the human chain was released and the scooters gone.  We started the March (now say it real loud like James Brown sang it, back in the day)!
There was a mixture of folks of all ages.  There was a multicultural contingent of folks who came out of respect and support, that was great to see.  The younger generation had their children with them and as I spoke with some of them, they stated the need to be there so their children would not have to go through this police brutality nonsense.
I won’t be attending any more rallies, I feel that this new generation is quietly making some significant changes.  Back in the day, we exploded….today, we have been led to believe that our children have imploded.  Well some have, but rest assured others have not, unfortunately, they had to teach themselves because the Village was basically gone.  There were many suggestions made to make sure we keep this quest for justice going, the one that I am already committed to is no shopping for the holidays unless I buy Black. 
OOOOOH, let me find out, we might be able to take this boycott and turn it into a major economic development piece for ourselves.  Imagine Black businesses having so many customers they don’t know what to do.  Would that mean they could actually lower prices and become competitive, hire from the community at a decent wage plus, hold on…..afford to fix up their stores and actually initiate and maintain high quality with hospitality!!   As the major consumers of this nation, this strategy will speak loud and clear.   Remember the impact of the Montgomery Boycott–Rosa Parks may have refused to sit down but it was the financial boycott that sparked the “right” for us to sit anywhere we wanted on buses in this here United States of America.
I am proud and honored to know that some people were inspired to attend the rally based on some of my comments.  WE have got to release the apath– the”arm chair activism” — and do something to effect change and illicit respect or we might see 70 shots the next time.  We all must make a commitment to prevent a next time.  The sacrifice you make today, will save the lives of our children tomorrow!!!
Here are some events to consider:
Hopefully everyone will realize the value of not shopping for the Holiday season which is more powerful than any Rally ever could be

December 13 – 7-9 p.m.  House of the Lord, 415 Atlantic Ave. bet. Bond and Nevins Bklyn (meeting to update the community–I will probably attend)

December 16 – “Shopping for Justice”, when the people of our city
will be called to March from 59th street and 5th Avenue to Macy’s Herald
Square (called by Black clergy and some politicians)

December 22 – 12 noon, Chase Building, Liberty and Nassau, NYC  718.398.1766
Held by Black Men’s Movement and December 12 Movement
To be continued after I get some rest, lots to share and care about!
Peace and empowerment,

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