Justice For Jayland Walker Petition Pushed By Ohio Activists

demanding justice for Jayland Walker, protections for protestors, and the demilitarization of police.

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A coalition of Akron organizers have come together to establish 12 points of action for local officials and policing forces — demanding justice for Jayland Walker, protections for protestors, and the demilitarization of police.

We need your support behind us right now. Sign this petition, and stand with us.


We, the people and coalition of community organizers of Akron, are not here to have a conversation while we are under militarized occupation, while there are guns pointed at us, tear gas, and pepper spray choking us.

We are here to seek accountability. Residents of Akron and surrounding communities are being hurt and are dying.

The local police have waged war on peaceful protesters and innocent neighbors. It is the police who have escalated at every step.

Disarm and demilitarize all local police entities and forces.

We cannot have negotiations or conversations until there is immediate and long-lasting accountability.


1. Establish an Independent Commission to investigate Jayland Walker’s murder and others killed by the Akron Police Department.

2. Release the names of all officers. Cut their administrative leave. Fire them. Prosecute them immediately.

3. Abolish the deployment of tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

4. Disarm any police deployed to meet protests.

5. Release all agreements between the City of Akron and the Fraternal Order of Police.

6. Release a financial breakdown of every dollar spent by the city and county on policing protests.

7. Legislate the abolition of curfews.

8. Legislate the abolition of police chases. Eliminate traffic stops for all traffic violations.

9. Legislate the immediate release of officer-involved incidents.

10. Stop arresting peaceful protestors. Immediately release them from jail. Expunge the records and clear all fines.

11. Establish a Citizens Review Board for the police.

12. Create a Citizen-led Commission to study and strategize the defunding and abolition of the Akron Police Department, and create participatory budgeting processes. Failure to negotiate on these terms will likely escalate community unrest and, unfortunately, will perpetuate a culture of violence by local police forces.

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