Juneteenth Spotlight: Two Incredibly Successful Black-Owned Businesses

Photos: Madison Oxford\Oak Park Library

Juneteenth is nearly upon us, upcoming in just a few short weeks. One crucial community habit that must become regular practice, during all of our holiday celebrations, including Juneteenth, is the building up of Black businesses.

Two incredibly successful Black-owned brands that we should patronize this Juneteenth are: The Transformation Factory and Michele Foods.

The Transformation Factory

Price: $35.99


Sea Moss Transformation is a Black-owned and operated business founded by entrepreneur Alexiou Gibson. The brand offers premium wildcrafted Sea Moss gels in raw and fruit flavors featuring all the essential minerals for the human body.

Alexiou’s journey to change his lifestyle resulted in a considerable weight loss of 500 pounds. He is now vegan and powers through dips and squats and finds any opportunity he can to coach, inspire, and encourage.

Alexiou is a past NASA intern and recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King leadership award, Global Citizen Award, and Buick Engineering Scholarship. He regularly speaks to audiences nationwide about his journey and encourages entrepreneurs to create their path to success.

His revenues exceed $1.5 million per month with so much more to come from Alexiou.

Michele Foods

Price: $9.99

Michele Foods is the first Black woman-owned syrup company, offering three delicious gourmet options made from secret family recipes dating back to the late 1800s.

Taste the sweet, delicious gourmet syrups from Michele Foods, generations in the making! Michele founded her syrup company 39 years ago based on a secret recipe passed down for generations from her Great, Great, Great Grandmother who was a freed slave. She also appeared on Oprah 3 times in the 90s.

Michele’s syrups are also available at Super Target Stores and various retailers.

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