Joe Biden Is Failing To Silence Calls That He Step Aside

By The Economist

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Feel for Joe Biden. If you too had spent half a century coveting a job, you might be reluctant to give it up. When the octogenarian turned in the most disastrous debate performance in modern times on June 27th, alarmed fellow Democrats began agitating for him to gracefully withdraw from his re-election campaign. The confused guy who appeared on stage seemed in no state to defeat Donald Trump in November, let alone govern the country into 2029.

But Mr Biden is nothing if not stubborn. His campaign staff spent the week following the debacle trying to contain the fallout, urging elected Democrats not to go public with their calls for the president to stand aside. The Biden campaign then mounted a counteroffensive against those critics. “I’m not going anywhere,” the candidate announced.

These efforts have had an impact. By mid-week prediction markets were giving Mr Biden even odds of staying in the race—double his chance of survival the previous week.

Even so, the trickle of Democratic lawmakers openly urging the president to abandon his campaign has not stopped: this week Michael Bennet of Colorado became the first Senate Democrat to say that Mr Biden could not defeat Mr Trump. Other Democrats may be merely holding their fire.

Most ominously for Mr Biden, on July 10th even Nancy Pelosi, a former House speaker and close ally of the president, implied that he should think again about his candidacy, stressing in an interview on MSNBC that “time is running short”. READ MORE…


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