Jesus Would Disagree with Anti-COVID Vaccine “Christian” Evangelicals

Kimball Shinkoskey says Jesus would be against the anti-COVID vaccine anti-science American "Christian" evangelicals.

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In the following letter to the editor, Kimball Shinkoskey says Jesus would be against the anti-COVID vaccine, anti-science American “Christian” evangelicals.

Dear Editor,

I wonder if vaccine-resistant evangelicals know that Jesus loved health science. Although he is remembered as the risen Lord and Savior in death, in life he carried on the healing tradition of prophets like Elijah, Elisha, and Isaiah, who was court physician to King Hezekiah.

Moses, the originator of the tradition, wrote the public health code of Israel, the Book of Leviticus. Jesus said not one jot or tittle of that Mosaic law code was to be dismissed.

In keeping with his teaching, Jesus told a leper to go report his healed condition to the priest, one of whose duties in ancient times was to keep track of infected people.

In addition to using prayer, fasting and laying on of hands, Jesus used scientific medicine. He mixed his own spit with dirt as a poultice for a blind man. Spit contains a bio-chemical substance effective for treating eye inflammations.

Christianity gradually dropped the hard linkage between faith and science promoted by Jesus.

Today, many evangelicals believe the science/government/public health sector belongs to Satan and must be opposed.

Jesus would not agree.


Kimball Shinkoskey


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