Jan 20: London Protest Against Violent Attacks On Democratic Opposition By Western-Backed Tyrant Gen. Museveni


Hail to the tyrant! Gen. Museveni. Photo: Presidential Press Unit (PPU) 

When: 20 JAN 2020
Time: 12:00 – 18:00
Where: London. Assemble Uganda High Commission, Trafalgar Square, then March to Whitehall, Parliament Square, Downing Street & back at the Uganda  High Commission.
The militarized dictatorship of President Yoweri Museveni is at war with its people.
Dictator General Yoweri Museveni has entrenched his hold on power through corruption, large-scale violence, sectarianism, nepotism, tribalism and brutal repression against the opposition, activists, journalists, and peaceful protesters.
At the beginning of this year, People Power leaders and opposition activists were arrested during their consultative meeting in preparation for the 2021 elections, which was lawful and allowed under the country’s constitution and election law. Some of the detainees have been freed, however others remains in detention without charge. The movement of People Power leaders and opposition activists are severely restricted by the Ugandan police and  security services.
People Power UK call for a protest on 20 January 2020 to:
● Inform the public about the ongoing crisis in Uganda and urge policymakers in Britain, the European Union and the international community to remain engaged to prevent an escalation of violence and abuse in the country and to hold the government of Uganda to account.
● Demand the Government of Uganda to end further arrest, detention and the release of all people who are still in detention.
● Free Stella Nyazi, Free all Political Prisoners.
● Scrap the Public Order Management Act.
●Stop forceful evictions, displacement and land grab in Apaa.
● Stop Violence against opposition activists, against students and prosecute police and military officers responsible for abuses.
● Start working to create a climate conducive to the organization of free and fair elections in 2021.
● Tolerate peaceful protests and political meetings, and allow People Power activists, opposition party leaders, and journalists, and lawyers to move around freely and conduct their work independently, without interference from the police, the army, ISO, or RDCs.
Dress Code: Red, Bring whistles, drums, Ugandan Flags 
Issued by People Power UK
Communications & Publicity Unit
London, United Kingdom 

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