Isiah International Announces Gre3n Contract Award With DEMCO

Isiah Thomas, CEO and President of ISIAH INTERNATIONAL and Gre3n

Photos: Isiah International

Isiah Thomas, CEO and President of ISIAH INTERNATIONAL and Gre3n states, “We are honored to have been chosen and look forward to providing our premier services to DEMCO”.

Gre3n, LLC (“Gre3n”), one of the largest Black owned vegetation management companies in the U.S. has won a bid to work with DEMCO. DEMCO adds to the impressive list of utility companies which have chosen to entrust Gre3n, an ISIAH INTERNATIONAL company, with this award for the continued commitment to consumer safety.

Gre3n takes pride in its commitment to safety, customer service and the safekeeping of the planet with appropriate climate safeguards. These commitments have led to successful partnerships with major utilities in the Southeast, such as Entergy and Southern Companies, two of the largest publicly traded utility companies in the nation.

Similar to Gre3n, LLC., DEMCO prides itself on enhancing the lives of their consumers while also providing safe and reliable services. DEMCO also works to serve their communities through job creation and economic initiatives. A recent study revealed that from 2014 to 2018, DEMCO contributed $353 million to the local economy; supported 1,103 jobs annually in their local communities; and generated $93 million in state/local tax revenues.

This award from DEMCO will enable Gre3n to continue to grow while maintaining its excellent safety track record. “DEMCO looks forward to working with Gre3n and knowing our mutual mindset of safety practices, and community initiatives will serve our communities well,” says Sam Rosso, Manager of Lands and Right of Way with DEMCO.

Gre3n recognizes that their growth is the result of the collaborative partnerships which it forms with all customers and would like to publicly thank Entergy as well for their continued support and successful relationship throughout the years. Gre3n is excited to continue this relationship and build upon it for years to come while also continuing to cultivate new partnerships.Gre3n believes this award will lead to further expansion that promotes their commitment to public safety, climate regulation, and customer service.

GRE3N is a nationwide provider of Utility Vegetation Management services. Dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions for our customers and has a deep commitment to the planet and feels a responsibility to leave the earth in better shape than we inherited.

Isiah Thomas has long been recognized as “one of the greatest men ever to play professional basketball.” Thomas possessed the skill and determination to take over a game at will. That spirit, coupled with an astute business sense, has served Thomas well in his post-playing days. Focused on what he calls “the Fundamentals” of success, Thomas is meeting and exceeding standards in every industry he enters. GRE3N is an integral part of the ISIAH INTERNATIONAL family of companies.

DEMCO is a local not-for-profit electric cooperative, formed in 1938 and owned by the members they serve. DEMCO is focused on enhancing the lives of members by providing safe, reliable, and competitively priced energy services.

DEMCO purchases wholesale power and then distributes that power to our co-op members. Their state-of-the-art modern distribution and transmission system consists of 8,954 miles of line and 44 substation and transmission switching facilities behind 10 metering points. Best in class technology ensures that power is distributed reliably and efficiently.

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