International Flavor: Melissia Hill

One of her first auditions landed her the role of “Red Top,� in Ridley Scott’s American Gangster opposite Russell Crow and Denzel Washington.

(Globetrotter—Melissia Hill).

Where She’s From: Melissia Hill was born in Stuttgart, Germany and raised, with her younger brother and sister, in Los Angeles, California, by her mother.

“At an early age, I saw the strength and determination my mother had about our family,� she tells The Black Star News. “We never went without lots of love—she always gave us the best. Like my mother, I never give up, no matter how hard or impossible my goals may seem.�

After graduating from University School, Melissia was chosen to be a Student Ambassador representing the United States. “This experience took me all over the world,� she recalls. “Russia, England, Poland, and the Netherlands.� After she came back, she was in college for two years and worked with several modeling scouts then went to Europe to pursue her modeling career. “I have modeled all over the world and worked for some of the industry’s top designers,� she says.

Where She’s At: “When I moved to New York, I realized I was much more than a model. I enrolled at Fashion Institute of Technology and took classed in design and also discovered a hidden talent—acting.�
“I am stronger and wiser,� Melissia says, referring to her career experiences. “So this makes it easier to create a life of endless possibilities. When I think of my life as an actress, I aspire to be one of the best at my craft and to be able to give back to the world and the people around me.�

Where She’s Heading: Melissia has a simple philosophy that carries her through life’s challenges. “Listening to my heart, staying focused and having faith is the best way—I conquer anything that’s put in my path,� she explains.

One of her first auditions landed her the role of “Red Top,� in Ridley Scott’s American Gangster opposite Russell Crow and Denzel Washington. “I am excited, and I’m proud of myself,� she adds, of her achievements thus far.

She also cautions other aspiring models that appearances are only half the equation. “You have to be smart for you—you can’t leave that to anyone else,� she explains. “In this profession, you are the business and you have to be the CEO.�

How does she maintain her looks? “My style is Bahamian with a Euro feel,� Melissia says. “I always keep my makeup natural if any, and that goes for my products too. I use eggs and hot oil as a hair conditioner and pure olive oil to moisturize my body.�

Melissia’s Words Of Wisdom: “Don’t take yourself so seriously—just always look good and do your best.�

Melissia’s Secret To Success: “Keep God in your life—love yourself and have faith.�

Melissia’s Favorite Three Movies: “Lady Sings The Blues, Spender In The Grass, The Dreamers.�

Melissia’s Favorite Three Books: “The Four Agreements, Conversations With God, Harry Potter.�

First Three Things Melissia Would Do As President: “No one would go hungry, everyone would have proper healthcare, and no more wars.�

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