Intercept to Publish “Empire Politician” Exposé on Biden’s Foreign Policy History

The Intercept  (and editor Jeremy Scahill above)

Photos: YouTube

On Wednesday, April 28, The Intercept  (and editor Jeremy Scahill above) will launch an unprecedented multipart examination of President Joe Biden’s decades long record on a wide range of foreign and military issues.

“Empire Politician: A Half-Century of Joe Biden’s Stances on War, Militarism, and the CIA” is an analytical encyclopedia documenting Biden’s positions on various U.S. wars and military operations as well as his complicated relationship with the CIA.

Headlined by Intercept Senior Correspondent and Editor-at-Large Jeremy Scahill, the series unearths many of Biden’s previous and often contradictory positions on U.S. wars and military campaigns, CIA covert actions, and abuses of power. Scahill, along with Intercept reporter Murtaza Hussain, also delved into Biden’s views on whistleblowers and leakers as well as his previous positions on the frequently contentious relationship between the executive and legislative branches over war powers.

While some of Biden’s positions could be assessed by reviewing his sprawling voting record and public statements, evaluating many of his actions, particularly from the first few decades of his career, required poring over copies of the congressional record, speech transcripts, archival media reports, and declassified government documents, including from the CIA.

Designed to serve as a resource for reporters, researchers, historians, and the public, “Empire Politician” aims to illuminate the background and thinking of a political figure who has played a significant role in U.S. foreign policy from the Vietnam War to Afghanistan –– and whose understanding of world politics and the role of the U.S. military will shape world events in the years to come.

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