In Fight of the Year Candidate, Alvarez Edges Golovkin


Alvarez and Glovkin trade blows.

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It lived up to the hype of an impending leave your heart in the ring war on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at the T-Mobile Arena of the winner take all championship fight between Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “3G” Golovkin.

When it was over the entire audience of almost 22,000 including celebrities such as Rosie Perez and I assume the millions of fans watching around the world on their pay-per-view T.V., waited with bated breath for the readings of the fight score.

Much to the elation of Canelo Alvarez, his trainers Eddy and Chepo Reynoso, most of the Mexican fans who attended, and especially Golden Boy Promotions President, Oscar De La Hoya, Alvarez is now the current W.B.A., W.B.C., I.B.O. and Ring Magazine Middleweight Champion of the World.

Dissenters of course included Gennady Golovkin, his trainer Abel Sanchez and fans who rooted for and perhaps bet on 3G who was the betting favorite who felt he had won.

The decision which was very close, by the judges’ rulings, Glen Feldman—114/114 a draw, and both Dave Moretti and Steve Weisfeld scoring the fight 115-113 for Alvarez was correct although, if another draw decision was rendered no one would’ve argued since the fight was that close just like the first one.

From the very first round just as he promised Canelo Alvarez was the very cautious aggressor with added angry incentives because as he promised his intention was to knock out 3G Golovkin.

It seemed that 3G was caught unawares by Alvarez’ come forward in an attack mode and was not able to adjust but saved himself from a possible knockout loss by using his Joe Louis piston-like jab keeping Alvarez at bay from round to round as the fight progressed.

It seemed to this Black Star News writer that 3G Golovkin was beginning to age round to round as Canelo kept moving forward pounding 3G viciously to the body and head while a confused Golovkin tried to solve the Canelo puzzle of effective aggression.

3G Golovkin, giving him his due fought brilliantly and bravely hurting Alvarez from time to time with hard punches in certain rounds, and using his jab almost exclusively winning some of them although very close.

This fight was so vicious that perhaps this was the first time that I saw these gladiators suffer eye cuts. Canelo on the left eye and 3G on the right eye although he had other bruises on his face and body from Canelo’s relentless pounding.

These were 2 heavy-handed fighters who left no stone unturned punishing each other perhaps making us feel that the fight was not a rematch but round 13 of the first fight. May be classics like this fight since the opponents are so evenly matched we should try to invoke the 15 round distance rule in the future.

The trainers of each corner were excellent in their instructions to their fighters, Eddy Reynoso instructing Alvarez to continue his punishing aggression including more body punches and counter-punching very carefully, while Abel Sanchez was telling 3G Golovkin to continue to jab and punch as he moved forward because Canelo was tiring and not to give him so much respect. “Remember you could knock him out at any time because he is getting tired.” he stated.

Despite Sanchez’ instructions 3G was still backing up lacking aggression and indeed tiring himself because Canelo was dictating the format of the fight not 3G. Actually, Canelo was in control of the fight the entire time.

Sadly by the 9th round Sanchez was then telling 3G “We are losing it Son you have to move in more and fight harder these last few rounds.” You could actually see 3G gasping for air as he sat in his corner between rounds because Canelo was fighting the entire 3 minutes of every round taking more risks while looking for the knock out.

This fight appeared to be a classic “Pier-Sixer” revising the memories of other middleweight wars of Tony Zale vs. Rocky Graziano, Mickey Ward vs. Arturo Gatti, the first Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier fight and the celluloid classic of Rocky Balboa vs. Apollo Creed.

3G tried but you could see the tiredness on his badly bruised 36 years old face while breathing with his mouth open risking a broken jaw as the young 28 year old Mexican lion Alvarez continued to move forward with renewed stamina, continuing to pound 3G fighting “Mexican Style”.

In the 12th and final round it became a give and take war each fighter trying to pull victory out of defeat causing a roar of approval from the audience until the final bell.

After the decision was announced favoring Canelo there seemed to be a taste of poor sportsmanship when 3G Golovkin and Abel Sanchez stormed of out ring refusing to be interviewed even in their dressing room.

A happy Canelo stated that after he rested and celebrated this victory with his family he was willing to give Gennady Golovkin a rematch if he wanted it.

The fight is a candidate for Fight of the Year honors and Eddy & Chepo Reynoso could be awarded Trainers of the Year for having prepared Alvarez properly for the fight of his life maybe totally and finally disavowing the charges that Canelo was a Steroids cheater.

Gennady “3G” Golovkin after a long much needed rest could get his rematch if he wants it or retire since he is 36 years of age and has had a good championship undefeated boxing life until last night leaving with a record of 38-1-1, 34 knockouts.

What must be remembered that even in losing if 3G was great, then in winning Canelo was greater in following his battle plan orchestrated by him and his trainers in camp.

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