I’m Fired Up And Ready To Go — Charles Rangel


Rep. Charles Rangel shown with wife Alma, former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and Bill Perkins


Words cannot describe my overwhelming gratitude to the voters of the 13th congressional district of our great state for standing with me to the very end and giving this veteran his one last fight.

I am grateful for this special privilege to continue serving my beloved community and friends, both my dearest old friends in Upper Manhattan and new ones in the Bronx, whom I have had the greatest honor of representing in Congress. I’ve got a lot of fight in me and will not let them down.

I hope to begin the healing process of some of division that was created during the course of the campaign, and am looking forward to working together with all of my constituents and community leaders to improve the lives of everyone living in Harlem, El Barrio, Washington Heights, Inwood and the Bronx.

Special thanks go out to all my supporters, staff, and volunteers who helped carry me through. Thank you for your continued friendship and unwavering faith in me. I’m proud of having been in the ring together. Fired up and ready to go!


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