How To Customize Your Online Store For Cyber Monday



According to Adobe, Cyber Monday last year had online shopping sales of $2.29 billion.

This means that it’s worth putting a considerable amount of effort into beefing up your marketing campaign this year and matching it to what your customers want.

Here’s a guide for doing this right.

Call to Action

It’s especially true during days like Cyber Monday that you need to have a strong call to action that matches up with your overall strategy. This is because on Cyber Monday, chances are pretty good that people are going to be visiting a large number of stores all in a row. This means that the traffic part of your strategy gets something of a free boost, but it also means that the conversion side is even more important than usual. You need to convince viewers to buy your products or services instead of those of your competitors.

After all, your competitors are just a click away, and on Cyber Monday, there’s going to be a lot of clicking going on. This means that the type of call to action you create is going to be critical to your conversion rate, that is, the percentage of viewers that visit your site that you can convert into customers that purchase something.

A lot of this is going to come down to whether your approach matches up with what customers find satisfying based on the product and what type of people it appeals to in general. One way to do this is to imagine what you would find convincing as a consumer yourself. You can ask yourself what sort of approach you would find convincing if you were looking for the product that you’re selling. You should first list out what the biggest selling points of the product or service is, and then emphasize them as much as you can in the call to action.

In just a sentence or two, you need to convince viewers that if they want to get the benefits of the best product in this particular category for this particular reason, they should go with your product right now. It also helps to create immediacy, as in offering special sales that happen within a limited amount of time.

Customized Marketing Templates

One effective approach to customizing your online store for Cyber Monday is to use online store templates from sites like Shopify. This site has templates that match up with particular products. For example you can get templates for products including the following:

SMS Audio Headphones

Jaxon Furniture

Hard Graft



Many of these sites have hundreds of templates you can use to the type of products you sell with an overall look that is eye catching for those making it to your site. After all, you don’t want to spend all of that effort and money getting as many visitors to your site as possible if you’re just going to have them come to your site and then get bored without even doing anything.

The conversion rate for your site is going to determine the actual amount of money you make, after all. And the truth is, although the content of your site matters, the feel of the template is going to make a big difference as well.

If people see the product right on the online store template, it will make the whole thing seem a lot more legitimate. And if you are planning on selling these products through affiliate links anyway, it makes a lot of sense to make your page seem more official by having the products actually part of the page design.

Match Your Style to Your Content

Without fully realizing it, people often base their trust in a site on how much the style and content matches up with their expectations. For example, if you’re selling a product that has a particular color associated with it, then it makes sense to use that color for the theme of the site where you sell it.

It also makes sense to match style up with the demographic you’re aiming at in your page. For example, if you’re trying to sell toys to parents for their children, then having a page that has a more colorful setup is something that makes a lot of sense.

The Importance of Cyber Monday

The statistics show more and more how important it is to market on Cyber Monday every year. According to IBM, the growth for 2013 was 20.6 percent from the previous year for online sales. According to PFS Web, the overall visitor traffic was also up by 23 percent from 2012 to 2013, and this trend is likely to continue this year.

It will be the people who prepare for Cyber Monday the most that benefit from it the most.


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