Here We Go…Again


Some things simply transcend sports….occurrences that demand for you to stop in your tracks and not give a second thought to who your favorite sport, team or player is.  When the news came that Derrick Rose would be sidelined with another knee injury, I let out an “oh no” like Derrick and I had known each other since high school!

Not again!  How could the same body, the bearer of so many gifts, be the source of such betrayal?  The good news for the Bulls organization, its fans & most importantly for Rose himself….it appears as though Derrick will be able to return this season—if not for the regular season for the playoffs.  Whether he does or doesn’t, my hope is for as much attention to be paid to the emotional aspect of rehab as the physical. 

An equally loud “oh no” rang out when word spread that Angels outfielder Josh Hamilton had suffered a substance abuse relapse.  It has been several years since Hamilton reemerged on the scene donning a Texas Rangers uniform….stunning onlookers as he knocked ball after ball out of Yankee Stadium during the Home Run Derby.  Josh’s story of recovery made headlines then….now he waits to hear what his punishment will be from Major League Baseball. 

What the organization does pales in comparison to what Josh does with himself from this point forward.  I’ve cheered for him when he was a Ranger and since he’s been rocking the uniform with the halo in its logo….most importantly, I cheer for him in life!

On a much, much lighter note… we go again could be heard on the minds of Wizards fans recently.  After such a powerful start the Wiz got on a downhill slide that resulted in six straight losses…last time we saw that happen was 2013 when six games in a row were dropped at the end of the season.  All is not lost though as John Wall and company can tighten things up just in time to step into the playoffs with confidence! 

I believe we’ve already seen this annoying show before…you know the one where Rajon Rondo has issues with his head coach?…to the point where detriment to the team is a valid concern.  After an outburst with Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle, Rondo found himself staring down a one game suspension.  Rajon reminds me of the kid in the neighborhood who finally beat the all-around athlete at something…..anything…say Horse…and now nobody ever, ever hears the end of it.  If allegations of past misbehavior are true…it isn’t former coaches Doc Rivers or Brad Stevens of the Celtics, or Carlisle…!  He might want to fix it before he finds himself with the U-Haul company on permanent speed dial!

Meanwhile up and over in Cleveland…things are looking quite familiar.  First there was the arrival of the King and a new version of the Big 3, soon followed by cylinders that were having difficulties finding the right way to click…none of which would have been complete without tons of second guessing.  Then cylinders began to click and pieces….also known as players with strengths where weaknesses are felt…begin to fall in place on the roster.  Hmmm…if things end the same as a few previous episodes, a King and his court will be bringing some much anticipated hardware to the city’s trophy case!

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