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We know him as that young, adorable jive cooley, Bruce Leroy in Berry Gordy’s perpetual cult classic, The Last Dragon.  But although he has not left the way of the dragon, 7th degree black belt, champion kick boxer, and martial arts trainer to the stars, Taimak Guarriello, is all grown up now, and pursues the lofty ideals of a man. The delectable hunk recently revealed his desire to be married “to an extraordinary woman in the very near future,” but kept a tight lip about the identity of any current betrothed.  Who knows – this very well could be a fantasy-come-true for all those Mrs. Taimak hopefuls in the world.  So, move over Flavor Flav, because here we have the makings of a reality show that billions of Taimak fans and this reporter would more than likely be checking for.

The 5’11” half Black “Mandingo” and half Italian stallion, was born in Los Angeles, California, one of 12 siblings. At the time of his birth, Taimak’s father was a salesman and his mother, a soul food chef.  He studied Chinese Goju-Ryu under world-renowned fighter, kung-fu movie star, and martial arts movie choreographer, Ron Van Clief.  His Japanese Goju-Ryu and Tai Chi expertise derives from the teachings of Grandmaster Gerald Orange and he mastered Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Grandmaster Joe Moreira.  The athletic don also enjoys wrestling, aerobics, skiing, dancing and -- what was that?  Tumbling?  Hmmmm, do tell!

Taimak has appeared on television’s Third Watch, Book of Swords, Madonna Live World Tour, Beverly Hills 90210, Ally McBeal, Malcolm & Eddie, Singled Out, WMAC-Masters, A Different World, The Company, and of course, The proverbial Last Dragon (1985)

Since 2002, in addition to acting, Taimak works as a martial arts trainer to the stars.  Among the scintillating roster, pop megastar, Madonna.

In a recent blog, Taimak wrote a somewhat lengthy piece about love.  "We have so many walls we've built up to protect our hearts that people rarely get to see who we really are.  It’s amazing how many of us put marriage aside because of how fearful one can be in the face of love.  It’s funny – we go to school to train our minds, to the gym to train our bodies, but we don’t have a simple place that EVERYONE goes to in order to train ourselves to deal with such important phenomena as love and intimacy.  We have put so many stigmas on ourselves in order to protect ourselves from being hurt or from experiencing love.”  Taimak continues with examples of the differences in the ways women deal with hurt as opposed to how men deal with it.  In his enthralling piece, Taimak challenges us to what some would consider a most frightening and risky spiritual exercise.

Taimak talks to BSN about Transformation and his new fitness DVD:

BSN: Taimak, in a recent Myspace blog, you talked about matters of the heart.  What brought this on?

TAIMAK: Actually, I write a monthly blog entitled, "Transformation," on my website.  I enjoy sharing my inner thoughts and insights with everyone.  It’s a give-and-take type relationship; because communicating and sharing with others actually helps me cope with all of the craziness going on in the world.  So everyone who is reading and benefiting from Transformation helps me deal with life, as well.  I talk about life and love.  I show you how to love yourself and take care of your mind, body and spirit.

BSN:  I understand you actually created a health and fitness DVD for everyone.  What made you do that? 

TAIMAK: So many people on my website and over the years kept asking me to, so I finally decided to create a fitness DVD for them.

BSN:  Please tell me a bit about your fitness program.  For example, is it a mild workout that anyone can do or is it like “hard body boot camp?”  

TAIMAK:  What I did in the DVD was answer all types of health and fitness questions people have been asking me over the years.  The DVD allows me to verbally answer their questions and physically show them how to do it.  I geared the DVD to the beginner but then I bring them up to intermediate level. I walk people through the ins and outs of how to get in shape and how to eat well. I teach with demonstration, many different exercises, as well as how to speed walk, jog; how to exercise at home and in the office.  

BSN:  Who would benefit most from your fitness program?

TAIMAK:  Anyone who wants to improve their life and be healthy and happier – anyone who wants to get started.

BSN: What results would the average man and woman gain from using your program and how soon can they expect to see results?

TAIMAK: I have a message board on my website  On that message board, there is a support system where I personally help participants and answer any additional questions they might have. Men and women who have practiced my system have told me that they've not only lost a lot of weight using my system, but the DVD also keeps them motivated. 

BSN: That sounds great.  Motivation definitely is key.  Taimak, what are the benefits of your program that outshines all the other fitness programs on the circuit today?

TAIMAK: It's variety of different exercises, Brenda.  It's a no-nonsense approach with a personal feel.

BSN: Where can the DVD be purchased?

TAIMAK:  Right now it can be purchased on my website, and on

BSN: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

TAIMAK: Yes.  Whatever you want to do in Life, don't wait.  Just get to it!  You don't have to totally transform all at once,  just get started and let the transformation happen through committed effort, discipline and it's very importantl that you have fun with it. Don't over-think things.  Take care and God bless.  You can reach me at .  

To read the entire Transformation blog containing Taimak's thoughts on love, intimacy and relationships, and to take his Love Challenge, visit him at .  Also visit Taimak's message board at

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