He’s Back! Henry Katamba

He first appeared on stage as a junior singer way back in 1997, and swept fans away with his stunning ‘Tusanyuke’ during the historic wedding of King Ronald Muwenda and Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda

(Watch out–Katamba picks where he left off five years ago).

Henry Katamba is best remembered for his Tusanyuke (Let’s Get Happy) song that entertained the guests at the Royal wedding of Buganda’s King, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.

After a five-year silence, he’s back with another thriller, “Casanova.� Katamba had retreated from the stage due to his studies, which he is about to finish next summer. His new album has six tracks. He says though he knew he was a gifted musician, combined with formal education qualifications, he’s now best placed to maximize his potential and instinctive musical genius.

“It has helped me to sit aside and watch others to capitalize on their mistakes,� he tells The Black Star News, about his sabbatical from music. “It has actually boosted my ability to manage the daily activities.� He says he also wanted education “for my life, family and the communities around me.�

He adds, “Hopefully, the young and elder fans who supported me will appreciate my decision to make a retreat. Now I’m back thanks for Mr. Ayattola Muganzi for his exceptional memories. Initially, I didn’t think that there were many people who remembered.�

Katamba pays tributes to musical legends he benefited from, such as Elly Wamala and Jimmy Katumba. Five years can be a long time in musical time–not for Katamba. He first appeared on stage as a junior singer way back in 1997, and swept fans away with his stunning ‘Tusanyuke’ during the historic wedding of King Ronald Muwenda and Nnaabagereka Sylvia Nagginda. That event surely helped to keep his memory alive–the wedding occured August 27, 1999; at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe.

“Music is like food for those enjoying it,� says the 26 year old, who will certainly find strong support in the Music industry in Diaspora as well. “It is very good for repelling the boredom and quashes the stress people undergo. So it is a real ‘carte du jour’ that divides into vegetarian, meat dishes, seafood and salads,� he explains.

Indeed, this musical phenomenon is fond of comparing his tunes to cuisine. Asked to explain why people are begging him to appear in their events as the musical lead, he notes, of his new album:  “The tracks I have chosen are like one choosing chili peppers stuffed with soft cheese, with mint yoghurt. I think that is what many fans want to know what’s contained on my new album.�

There have been round the clock negotiations to have Katamba perform jointly with other Ugandan musicians since the release of Casanova from Colony, Topaz-Studio, Germany. The album has already hit the Kampala streets and many FM radio stations play some of his music.

There is a message in all his songs. In Casanova, Katamba attacks men who look at other women even when they are walking with their partners—it’s sung to a fun and very danceable tune. In ‘Abakazi te bakyakula,’ he sings of the dynamism of modern women, who work hard to survive, rather than begging men for the things they want. Other songs include Switch y’Omutima, Koko-Kooddi’, ‘Abakazi tebakyakulla’ and many others.

Ayattolla Muganzi, one of his biggest supporters, adds, “After several trips to Germany, I became an avid fan of listening and relaxing with Katamba’s music. This inspired me to give him a hand to allow other generations to have a sense of preserving their cultures.�

His flamboyant voice raises and this contemporary singer’s long links with the famous gentility of Buganda Kingdom has earned him endorsement on all the shows that are now being organized in Europe. Katamba has been pursuing his studies at London’s Health Bank University.

Miwambo reports for The Black Star News from London.

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