Haviah Mighty Launches $10K Black-Owned Business Giveaway

Haviah Mighty: Black-Owned Business Giveaway

Photo: Haviah Mighty

While hordes of lesser rappers fixate on success and excess, Haviah Mighty would rather give back. The winner of both the Polaris and Prism Prizes, who recently dropped an acclaimed new album called Stock Exchange, is following up those milestones with the Black-Owned Business Giveaway.

For the initiative, Mighty will donate $10K amongst a range of Black-owned businesses to spur on their growth.

To partake, entrepreneurs can pitch both existing and future business ideas—big or small—for a chance to win up to $1,000 each, because “we need, as a Black community, to thrive,” as Mighty put it in an Instagram video announcing the initiative. Read more.

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