Harlem Chess Center’s 20th Annual Chess Contest


[Community Announcement]

The Harlem Chess Center is holding its’ historic 20th annual chess competition. Participants from Harlem and other New York City communities, will converge at the venue on 135th Street and 5th Avenue in the village of Harlem on September 5, 2015 starting at 1pm.

Prizes will be given to the top competitors. Organized and founded by Mr. Sonny Gibbs, the Harlem Chess Center gives children and adults from disenfranchised communities, not only the opportunity to learn chess, but also to discuss life, botany, etc with elders from the community. Over a twenty-year time period, the HCC has taught over 1,120 children and adults.

Several chess masters and international masters started their careers as young children learning from various more experienced players at the Harlem Chess Center. The organization also added chess competitions to its’ portfolio 20 years ago after Mr. Gibbs determined that the children and adults in the community also needed a
professional setting to compete for awards.

This year, participants from Harlem and other New York City communities will be competing.

For more information contact: Mr. Sonny Gibbs at 1-347-238-9919 or HCC Communications Director J. Curry at [email protected]

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