HAPI: Aug 16 Screening of Film About Global African History’s Influence on All Civilizations


The HAPI Film presents a snapshot of economic history spanning from the dawn of civilization to today.

The aim of the film is to spread economic literacy and create a dialogue that will lead to becoming financially astute. One of the main points of the film is to create solutions that are obtainable and easily implemented. Additionally, it is important to note how politics impacts us economically.

Understanding how they work in conjunction with each other ultimately is a solution. It is important that the HAPI film is not just looked at as a lesson in history, but something that we will be able to apply to our everyday lives. HAPI is more than just a film it is a movement of economic wellness.

“Crucial to this film work is the power of partnership between the governing and the governed, economics, politics and culture”, states Taaqiy Grant,
who is also the director and writer of the film. “Through multiple lenses, this film explores the global African history that laid the foundation for the cultivation of all civilizations, a foundation that continues to be utilized even in today’s society”.

Grant says his goal is to host a series of events to raise awareness of the film, while familiarizing viewers with the principles of trade and competitor commerce through unified community cooperation.

Ultimately Grant says having viewers “understand that building sustainable wealth is just as much about financial and cultural relationships as it is about political ones” is an important goal of the film, and that the synthesis of these three components is critical to the development of any civilization.

Through in-depth analysis and commentary by some of today’s foremost scholars, the film HAPI investigates the failure of a ‘consumption driven’ Black economy through the lens of cause and effect.

From systemic poverty, disenfranchisement, the decline of entrepreneurship, group economics, social networking, and independent startups. HAPI addresses the many complex problems, as well as innovative solutions for successful competition in the Global economy.

The HAPI mission is to show how local initiatives, strong communities and creativity can start a movement that can ultimately change our energetic, economic, and democratic systems. Firstly, we must find new paths leading to common prosperity and resilience. The HAPI film does not claim to have all the answers, however, it showcases people inventing and trying to start the movement. We hope the message will empower you and drive your passion to effect change in your life, community, and neighborhood–essentially giving purpose and meaning to your actions.

This online event will include a viewing of the HAPI film, followed by a panel discussion with educators, historians, economists, business leaders and politicians; including a preselected question and answer interactive period. Scheduled panel participants include Dr. Patricia Newton, Dr. Jacqueline Battalora, Chester Higgins, NYS Assembly member Charles Barron, Mandy Bowman, Dr. Zahi Hawass, Dr. Bruce Williams, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Dr. Wade Nobles and Dr. Boyce Watkins, among other notables from the film.

The ONLINE screening is Sunday August 16, 2020. The event begins at 5pm sharp, followed by the panel discussion.

To purchase tickets, sign up for the HAPI newsletter, or find out more about the HAPI film, tour and schedule please visit: www.hapifilm.com

Grant is the Executive Producer of two documentary films, Nubia – The Untold Story and The Tekhen – Uncovering the Influence of Ancient Egypt. Grant attended Adelphi University in New York. He is active in the World African Diaspora Union (WADU), the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations (ASCAC) and the Sudanese Archeological Research Society based in the British Museum (SARS).

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