Gubernatorial Candidate Nixon and Pro-Choice Advocates Rally to Repudiate Trump SCOTUS Nominee


Cynthia Nixon. Photo–Flickr.

Democratic candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon will rally with #VOTEPROCHOICE co-founder Heidi Sieck, State Senate Democratic candidates Jessica Ramos, Alessandra Biaggi, Rachel May, Jasi Robinson and Julie Goldberg, and pro choice activists to save Roe v. Wade and fight against President Trump’s pick for SCOTUS, Brett Kavanaugh, today.
The rally will be in Union Square at 4.30PM.
While the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act have many times come up for a vote over the Governor’s two terms, he never made their passage a priority, Nixon said.
Instead, Cuomo helped to create the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), and perpetuated Republican control of the Senate by refusing to campaign for Democratic state senators. Both Republicans and the IDC refused to allow either the RHA or the CCCA to come up for a vote.

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