FDU-Inkingi Not Part of National Council NCDC

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[Statement: Clarification]

Rumors have been circulated that FDU-Inkingi is a signatory member of the so called National Council for Democratic Change (NCDC) launched in Brussels by some Rwandans on 02 March 2013. Neither the Kigali based FDU-Inkingi Interim Executive committee, nor the Coordinating Committee of the party is aware of this NCDC.

Unfortunately this malicious campaign ha
s lured the local press in Belgium into this woolgathering. We believe that some organisations were tricked by an ill-intentioned adventurer pretending to act on behalf of FDU-Inkingi.

For the record, FDU-Inkingi does not have an interim Chairman, because our Chairperson is Madame Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, political prisoner in Rwanda. Those taking advantage of her fate, to derail the genuine political opposition or to reward themselves pompous empty titles are not serious.

FDU-Inkingi Coordinating committee
Dr. Nsengimana, Coordinator

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